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We Buy & Sell High-End Jewelry at Our Fine Jewelry Store

Fine jewelry is what we deal with here at Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, sterling silver...we love it all. We will sell you a diamond ring, buy your unwanted engagement ring, show you various hoop earrings, or make you a loan on a top watch brand like Rolex. Come see us to buy and sell high-end jewelry today.

We Buy Fine Jewelry | Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry | Cash Today

Perhaps you have a collection of engagement rings and wedding rings or other beautiful jewelry that you would like to sell. If you'd like the fastest and very best experience when selling your unwanted jewelry, all you have to do is stop by.

Are you wondering if pawn shops are truly the best place to sell your jewelry? Well, the answer is long as you choose the right pawn shop. When looking for potential buyers for your gold and diamond jewelry, look for a pawn shop that reminds you more of the jewelry stores in Hilltop Pawn. We specialize in dealing with precious metals, diamonds, and jewelry items. This means that we are highly experienced in appraising and making offers on these items, and we always pay the best price.

Selling locally makes a lot more sense than selling to an online jewelry buyer. Even though there are legitimate professional jewelry buyers who operate online, there are a lot of scams out there. Plus, you have to wait to find a buyer, send off your jewelry, and so on before you get paid your final price. You may not get offered the higher prices that you're hoping for, and you likely won't get an immediate payment, either. Why not sell to a trusted local jeweler -- your local gold, jewelry & diamond buyers, Hilltop Pawn -- so that the entire process will be fast, easy, and trustworthy? Here at your local pawn shop, we make it easy to sell everything from David Yurman or Art Nouveau jewelry to luxury watches and more, either for cash or store credit. It's the easiest and fastest way to sell your jewelry!

Rose shaped ring

Get a Great Deal on High-End Jewelry at Hilltop Pawn

Jewelry makes the perfect gift for Mother's Day or any occasion. It's also nice to treat yourself to fine jewelry every now and then. Whether you're shopping for an engagement or wedding ring for that special someone, or if you've noticed your jewelry box is looking a little empty and would like to add a piece or two to your collection, we'd love to help.

Shopping at Hilltop Pawn for jewelry is always a good idea, especially if you're hoping to get a better price. We always have an ever-changing selection of jewelry pieces here, from popular and trendy designer pieces to antique jewelry to unique pieces and more. There's no reason to pay the most money for jewelry when you can buy like new jewelry, designer jewelry, and pretty much any other type of jewelry from us for a much better deal. Looking for a diamond necklace, gemstone jewelry, diamond engagement rings, platinum jewelry, or pretty much anything else? We'll give you the best value at our pawn and jewelry business here in Virginia Beach.

If you are shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry for a special moment, or if you'd just like to sell a couple of unwanted sets of diamond earrings, we would love to help you out. Visit us during our hours of operation, six days a week. Our staff are looking forward to meeting with you! Once you come see us, you'll know why we are considered a top gold, jewelry & diamond specialist in Hampton Roads, and you'll probably want to return again and again for our exceptional service and great deals.

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