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We Buy Guns for Cash on the Spot in Virginia Beach | Hilltop Pawn

We buy guns here at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry, which might not really be something you knew before. After all, so many people in Virginia Beach see us as a high-end jewelry store, more so than the average pawn shop. We are well-known for paying top dollar for unwanted jewelry, selling beautiful pre-owned jewelry for a more than fair price, making loans on jewelry, and performing jewelry repair. However, if you are looking to sell or get a loan on a semi-automatic pistol, a wide variety of long guns, or any other firearms in your possession, we would love to help. We buy all types of firearms in all different price ranges all the time, and we would love to make you a deal!

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Sell a Gun Today at Hilltop Pawn | We Buy Guns

Selling a gun to pawn and gun shops you can trust makes a lot of sense. There are so many risks that go along with looking for a private gun buyer. You have to worry about state and federal laws...even if you're a through and through law-abiding citizen, the laws can get confusing if you aren't involved in the firearms industry. As an individual, you likely don't have access to the option to pull someone's criminal record or otherwise make sure everything is on the up and up when doing a private party transfer. Plus, it can be a big hassle to look for private buyers who will pay the best prices that you deserve.

Get a Loan on a Gun | No Credit Check | We Buy Guns & Make Loans

Whether you have a single gun or large collection of guns, you should know that you can use your firearms as collateral for a pawn loan. If you don't actually want to sell your guns but would like to borrow some money on the spot without a credit check, our friendly & well-trained staff members here at Hilltop Pawn would love to help you out. We make loans on both older and like new guns of all different types. In fact, believe it or not, making loans on guns is one of the more common business transactions that we do here. There's no credit check, we follow all state and federal gun regulations each step of the way, and we'd love to answer your questions and help you feel more comfortable with this option. We make the whole process of getting a loan on a gun easy, so bring us your gun and ID, let us know you're interested in one of our easy, no credit check loans, and we'll take care of the rest! Whether your firearm was made from a popular gun manufacturer or is a more obscure model, we'll help you with a loan...and our method of payment is always cash!

If you have been looking for a local gun shop and pawn store that will pay you cash for your used gun, there's really no reason to keep looking. In fact, regardless of if you're selling just one unwanted pre-owned gun or entire gun collections, there's no reason to keep looking for gun buyers. We will buy your single firearm or entire collection, and since we know the value of your firearm after so many years of experience, we will always make you a good deal on Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith & Wesson, and much more. Visit our convenient store location here in Virginia Beach with your unwanted gun and driver's license, and as your trusted local federal firearms licensee, we will help you out. You can also visit our sister store, Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake. Either way, you can trust us as the local licensed FFL dealer that has been in the firearms industry for a long time and will pay you the most cash or store credit for your unwanted firearm!

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