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Useful Tips for Selling Your Gun to a Pawn Shop | Virginia Beach

Updated: Jun 13

If you have been looking for potential buyers for your unwanted used gun, you might not be sure of who to sell to. Long guns and handguns can be sold to private individuals, but private party transfers can be risky. Plus, it can take a while to find someone to sell your used or new gun to. If you'd like to sell your gun faster and with less risk, consider selling to a pawn shop with a federal firearms license. Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach offers this option for Hampton Roads residents. If you'd like to speed up the average time of selling your firearm and avoid the hassles and potential problems of selling to a private individual, visit us today. These tips will help you with selling your gun to a pawn shop.

Selling a Gun to a Pawn Shop

Understand Why You Should Sell to a Pawn Shop

You could be wondering why you should sell your firearm to a pawn shop in particular. There are actually a number of reasons why selling to a superior pawn shop like Hilltop Pawn is the best way to sell your gun. For one thing, you might not be fully aware of local, state, and federal law regarding selling a gun. You don't want to accidentally break the law when selling a gun, and working directly with a licensed FFL dealer is a good way to avoid doing so. Additionally, meeting with a prospective purchaser to sell a gun isn't always safe, even if you only meet in public spaces. You never know who these so-called prospective buyers are or what their intentions might be. You can keep yourself safe when selling your gun by visiting a reputable pawn shop instead of focusing on private sales. Selling to a pawn shop is also a great way to sell your gun faster. If you've decided to sell some of the weapons in your gun safe because you're short on cash, getting the money quickly is probably important. It could take days or weeks to find someone who will buy your gun, but pawn and gun stores will buy your firearm on the spot. It's truly one of the best ways to get cash for your gun in a tight time frame. Sell Your Gun to the Right Pawn Shop

In general, selling to a pawn shop is a good idea, but it's important to sell to the right pawn shop. This is true whether you're selling a like new GLOCK handgun or an antique piece that has been passed down from generation to generation. Look for a pawn shop that actually values guns like you do and that has a reputation for high payouts and great customer service. In Virginia Beach, the answer is always Hilltop Pawn.

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Know What to Expect

If you're a little nervous and unsure of what to expect, don't be. It's all very easy, and we'll take care of basically everything for you. You just need to bring your gun and ID. The whole process will likely go faster and more easily than you ever expected, so there's really nothing to worry about. The first thing you will need to do is advise one of our staff that you're interested in selling a firearm. Our friendly staff members are experienced in valuing firearms of all types, so they'll know what to do. In minutes, they'll make you a cash offer. If you're not interested in selling at this time, that's okay; you can take your gun with you, and you won't owe us anything for the in-person valuation. If you are interested in selling, let our staff know, and they'll proceed with drawing up the paperwork and taking down relevant information from your ID. In no time at all, they'll be counting out the cash for you, and you'll be on your way.

Prepare Your Firearm for Sale

​Before you come in, take a few minutes to prepare your firearm for sale. If you want, you can do a little research about your gun to get an idea of its value. For safety purposes, you should also double-check to ensure that it's both unloaded and that the safety is on. After all, we always want everyone to be safe while inside our pawn shop!

How to Sell a Gun to a Pawn Shop

Wondering how to sell a gun at a pawn shop? It couldn't be easier, and we'd be happy to walk you through the whole process! Hilltop Pawn is one of the best pawn shops that buy guns in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. We're the best pawn shop for handguns & long guns. Selling to a pawn shop is the best way to sell a gun in many cases, especially if you visit a store that pays more for pawn shops guns. Wondering about pawning vs selling your firearm? Not only are we the best pawn shop that buys guns, but we offer fast and easy pawn loans on guns, too. Just ask, and our friendly staff will be happy to help!

Pawning vs Selling a Gun

Are you wondering about the differences between pawning vs selling a gun? Selling guns to a pawn shop is a good way to get rid of an unwanted firearm for good, all while handling things the legal way...and being paid fairly! There is an alternative to selling a gun to a pawn shop, of course. If you'd like to get your gun back at some point but need cash now, you can visit pawn shops that sell guns and make loans on Hilltop Pawn. Just let us know that you're interested in taking out a loan against the value of your gun, and we'll help you. Still have questions? We will tell you all about how to sell a pawn shop gun or how to get a loan on a gun. We love to talk pawn shops and guns, and we're happy to help you put money in your pocket today, all while being fully transparent about the whole process.

Pawn Shops That Sell Guns, Buy Guns & Make Loans on Guns

If you are looking for pawn shops that sell guns, buy guns & make loans on guns, come see us at Hilltop Pawn. We are the best pawn shop for handguns, rifles, and other firearms. We will explain fully the difference between pawning vs selling a gun, and we can educate you about how to sell a gun to a pawn shop. Wondering how to sell a gun to a pawn shop? We make it so easy. Selling guns to a pawn shop is easy, and in particular, selling a gun to Hilltop Pawn couldn't be, we always make great deals.

​For Virginia residents who want to be paid great prices for unwanted personal defense weapons and other firearms, Hilltop Pawn offers the perfect solution. From semi-automatic firearms to revolvers, we buy them all. We invite all gun owners who are interested in selling their firearms to visit us, and we're looking forward to helping you with selling your gun!

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