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The Best Place for Selling Gold Jewelry in Virginia Beach: Hilltop Pawn

​Selling gold jewelry in Virginia Beach is easy and lucrative, as long as you know where to sell! Although there are other pawn shops and online gold buyers out there who will buy your gold estate jewelry and other unwanted gold, we invite you to visit the trusted local pawn and jewelry store that you know you can count on, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. We have years of experience as a local jeweler and gold buyer, and we'd love to pay you more for your gold pieces! 

Diamond earrings

Selling Gold Jewelry Locally at Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry

A great way to work with a trusted local business and get express gold cash right away is to sell your gold to a local gold buyer. There's no reason to sell to an online gold buyer when selling locally makes more sense. If you're in Virginia Beach and are looking for the best way to sell gold locally, we invite you to sell to's the right time to get the best deal, and we'll help you sell your gold the easy way!

We Want to Buy All of Your Unwanted Gold Jewelry & More

​Since Hilltop Pawn Shop is more of a jewelry store than anything, you likely aren't surprised that we are interested in buying your unwanted gold jewelry. We will buy all different types of fine jewelry, including antique jewelry, designer jewelry, diamond jewelry, silver jewelry and more.

However, if you have other gold that you'd like to sell, we can help with that, too! We also buy silver! Come and get the best offer on gold and silver coins, gold bullion, gold bars, and a variety of other gold items. We even buy broken gold jewelry and scrap gold!

Hilltop Pawn Pays More for Gold in Virginia Beach

Of course, getting paid the best price is likely the number one thing you are interested in when selling your gold. We understand the value of gold here at Hilltop Pawn, and we always offer a fair price!

Fast Offers & Immediate Payments for Your Gold

Maybe you don't want to wait days or weeks to find a potential buyer or to get paid by one of the online buyers for your engagement rings, gold rings and other unwanted jewelry from your jewelry box. Once you decide you want to sell your fine jewelry pieces, you probably want to do it as fast as you can! Luckily, we can help! You never have to wait long...the entire process of selling gold to us only takes a few minutes in most cases, and you'll leave with cash in-hand today!

Ready to sell a piece of jewelry for the highest price? Hoping to get extra cash from selling unwanted golden items, such as gold bars, scrap gold, gold bullion, gold coins, dental gold & more? Hilltop Pawn offers the best way to sell any type of gold! Come get some extra money today...we pay quick cash on the spot!

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