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The Best Pawnbroker Who Buys Jewelry: Hilltop Pawn

Who buys jewelry in Virginia Beach? Well, many people start looking for jewelry stores and pawn shops when selling sterling silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, gold jewelry, and diamond jewelry. If you're looking for the easy way to sell your jewelry, you can visit a store that is both a pawn shop and a jewelry store: Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry, right here in Virginia Beach. As your local jewelry experts, we are the best pawnbroker in the Hampton Roads area to sell your wedding ring, diamond ring, engagement ring, or any other jewelry that you're hoping to sell. We also buy precious metals and loose diamonds. Come see us today, and you'll get some quick cash for your fine jewelry. Plus, we think you'll have a great experience, too!

Who is the Best Pawnbroker Who Buys Jewelry in Virginia Beach?

Selling your unwanted jewelry to a pawnbroker makes the most sense. When compared to an online marketplace or online auction site, it's much faster, since you don't have to wait for a potential buyer to contact you or bid on your jewelry. Instead, you can visit a local jewelry store and pawn shop and sell various unwanted items from your jewelry box on the spot. You may find you'll get a higher price, too, all while getting the personal attention that you need when making the sale.

We have years of experience with buying old gold jewelry and other unwanted pieces. All you have to do is bring your jewelry in, as well as your ID. It only takes a few minutes to sell your jewelry for the price you deserve!

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Other Services Offered at Our Pawn Shop & Jewelry Store

Of course, paying a fair price for your unwanted fine jewelry is just one thing that we do here at Hilltop Pawn Shop! As a full service jewelry store and pawn shop, we offer a number of other helpful services for Hampton Roads locals! Just as you can experience our great customer service when going through the jewelry appraisal and selling process, you can count on our helpful staff for other things, too. If you're a jewelry enthusiast in the area, it's a good idea to stop by.

Buy Jewelry for Less at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Are you actually looking for a local jeweler who you can buy jewelry from? If so, you might be looking for the best option for buying nice jewelry without spending a ton of money. If that's what you're looking for, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is the answer. We are the right place to go when you want to buy your own jewelry for a better price.

Basically, we sell jewelry for half the price of the new jewelry stores. In many cases, we actually have the exact same jewelry that they do. The same brands, the same styles, and so on...just for much cheaper. However, we also have high-end jewelry that you won't find in a new store. For example, you can find legitimate antique jewelry here that just aren't sold in mall jewelry stores...and we charge very competitive prices, too. We also always have an ever-changing selection, so stop in regularly to check out our might see a new diamond necklace or a beautiful ring that catches your eye.

Our local store front is one of the best places to shop for all of these jewelry items and more:

  • Diamond rings

  • Wedding rings

  • Wedding bands

  • Custom rings

  • Diamond engagement rings

  • Vintage styles

  • Gold chains

  • Fine bridal jewelry

....and so much more!

Get a Loan on Fine Jewelry Today

Are you thinking about selling a piece of jewelry that you don't really want to sell, just because you really need the case? It's true you can sell your unwanted estate jewelry for high prices, and this can be a great way to put some cash in your pocket. However, even if you are getting paid the highest prices, you may not want to part with your piece.

That's fine..we offer another option, too. Get a loan on your jewelry today at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. We have years experience offering loans on jewelry, and we'll grant you a loan from $5 to $50,000. Plus, there is never a credit check or credit impact when you sell your jewelry to us!

Have Jewelry Repairs Done

​Do you have broken jewelry that you'd like to have repaired? Do you need help with ring sizing on a ring that just doesn't fit properly? Avoid the higher prices and slower work of another local jewelry business, and come to Hilltop Pawn Shop. In addition to being a Hampton Roads diamond buyer and jewelry buyer, we offer all different jewelry repairs for the best price. Plus, since we do our custom jewelry design and repair work in-house, we are faster than the companies that send their jewelry off elsewhere for repairs.

Are you looking for the best place to sell your jewelry in Virginia Beach? In particular, are you looking for the best pawnbroker to sell to? Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is your solution for getting rid of old jewelry while being paid the highest price. It's the best way to sell unwanted jewelry on the spot! You can also visit our other store, Greenbrier Pawn in Chesapeake, Virginia!

Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Come see us or call today!


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