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Selling Gold Jewelry & Other Forms of Gold & Silver is Easy

Selling gold jewelry is very easy at your trusted pawn and jewelry store, Hilltop Pawn. Because you might have always known us as your trusted local jeweler, you might have already known that we buy and sell pre-owned gold and silver jewelry. What you might not have known is that we are your trusted precious metals buyer of gold and silver in assorted forms! Come get paid a fair price for gold items such as gold coins, gold bars, gold rings, gold bullion, scrap gold & more. You can also bring us your silver coins, silver bullion, silver jewelry and other silver items. We make it easy for you to get extra cash, and we pay the best price when compared to other pawn shops and online gold buyers.

Chocolate diamond pendant

We Buy Gold Jewelry | Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & More

Hilltop Pawn is known around town as being more of a fine jewelry store than a pawn shop. We have years of experience being known as the best place to buy and sell pre-owned jewelry. Because of this, we deal with jewelry of all types, all the time! As your local expert jewelers, we make top dollar offers on all different types of pieces of gold jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, gold chains, or any other unwanted gold pieces from your jewelry box.

​Sell Gold Watches and High-End Watches in Virginia Beach

Did you know that Hilltop Pawn Shop offers a great way to sell gold watches and other high-end watches? If you want to sell your Rolex or other fine timepiece for extra money, we think you'll be impressed when we offer you the best deal!

We Buy Silver Jewelry, Silver Coins & More for Top Dollar

We won't just buy your piece of gold...we'd love to make you the best offer on your silver, too! In general, silver isn't as valuable as gold, but that doesn't mean it's not worth money. This is especially true in certain cases, such as if you have a sterling silver diamond ring or a sterling silver ruby necklace. Rare silver coins can be worth quite a bit of money, too! Regardless, you'll get paid the highest price for your silver here.

Selling Gold Jewelry, Gold & Silver at Hilltop Pawn

Wondering if now is one of the best times to sell unwanted gold and silver? The answer is yes! We also welcome you to visit our pawn shop for our other products and services. If you're shopping for golden jewelry and other jewelry, the good news is we offer great deals!

We offer a truly easy way to sell pretty much any type of gold, as well as silver. Selling to us is truly the best way to get quick cash for unwanted jewelry and more! Curious about how much your estate jewelry and other gold and silver are worth? The entire process of getting an offer only takes a few minutes, and there's no obligation whatsoever! Visit or call us at 757-769-7254 for more information!

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