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Sell Your Valuable Jewelry in Virginia Beach

Selling valuable items is a great way to put cash in your pocket. Naturally, you probably have pieces of jewelry that have value, and you could be looking for jewelry buyers who will pay you for diamond rings and other valuable pieces of jewelry. Selling those pieces to your local pawn shop and jewelry store, Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry, is a great way to enjoy free appraisals and a high, on-the-spot cash offer. We're known as the best jewelry buyer in Virginia Beach for a reason, and we've been in the jewelry industry for decades. Whether it's your first time selling jewelry, or if you've sold jewelry to an estate jewelry buyer in the past, we can help! We pay the highest prices for old gold wedding rings, platinum jewelry, and more!

Sell Your Gold Jewelry

What's the Best Way to Sell Jewelry in Virginia Beach?

When selling your unwanted jewelry, it's smart to want the best deal and the easiest experience. You can get both at Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach. We have years of experience in buying important estate jewelry, modern jewelry from top jewelry designers, and more. Whether you're selling a few estate pieces that you inherited or diamond engagement rings that you don't want anymore, we can help.

Hilltop Pawn is your local store for everything related to jewelry. We'll give you a free appraisal if you're interested in selling your jewelry to us, and there is zero obligation! We'll offer a high cash payout, and there is no reason to work with potentially shady mail-in secondhand precious metals dealers, either. You can deal with a locally owned and operated family business when you choose Hilltop Pawn.

How Much is My Unwanted Jewelry Worth?

Whether you're selling valuable estate jewelry, fine watches, or other similar items of value, wanting to get top dollar for your items makes sense. Using us as your jewelry and gold buyers is your first step to getting paid the most for unwanted jewelry.

Sell jewelry in Virginia Beach

How much you'll get paid for unwanted gold and diamond jewelry depends on what you bring us, of course. Unique, highly coveted, and original pieces will obviously be worth more. The same is true for the hottest designer pieces that are popular right now. However, antique estate jewelry is often worth a lot here, too. We have to look at your preowned jewelry, its precious metals and precious stones, its condition, and so on. We have years of extensive knowledge in determining the current market value of jewelry like yours, so rest assured that we'll pay you what your jewelry is worth!

As your local professional jewelry buyer, we pay way more than the minimum price, unlike some pawn shops. Instead, we will make you a fair offer, and our knowledgeable staff will make the whole process really easy. You don't have to keep looking for jewelry and diamond buyers. Due to the high price of gold and the value of pre-owned jewelry in today's market, our professional staff will likely give you a best value offer that you can't refuse.

Hilltop Pawn is Your Local Jewelry Store

You might now realize that we pay the best price for fine jewelry. What you might not know is that we are the best place in Virginia Beach for basically everything related to jewelry. We sell gold jewelry and diamond jewelry for great prices, so treat yourself to something nice while you're here! You can even use store credit from selling your jewelry to buy a nice diamond ring or designer jewelry. We also offer jewelry repair services, as well as pawn loans on jewelry pieces. If you live in Hampton Roads and are into jewelry, visit us today!

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