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Sell Gold: We Buy Gold at Our Virginia Beach Pawn Store

Sell gold in Virginia Beach today by visiting our pawn store, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. Our local store is known as some of the best gold buyers in Hampton Roads and beyond. If you need extra cash, we'll make it easy for you every step of the way. Get a higher offer on everything from dental scrap gold to a gold necklace by selling to us. We make it easier than dealing with an online gold buyer, and you can work with a trusted local business every step of the way.

Why Sell Gold to a Virginia Beach Pawn Store?

You could be wondering: why sell fine jewelry and other items with gold content to a Virginia Beach pawn store? Well, we pay higher prices than some gold dealers do. Plus, if you use online gold buying services, you're susceptible to scams. It wouldn't be fair to say that there aren't any decent or reputable online buyers, but they're not always easy to find. Plus, you often won't get express gold cash the same day. Instead, you have to send your gold in the mail, hope it doesn't get lost along the way, and then wait for the online professional gold buyer to assess your gold and send you the payment.

When you work with a local pawn store with decades of experience, you can make the sale on the spot. You'll know you're working with a reputable business. Plus, you can get a good deal when selling gold and all different types of precious metals.

Gold rings

Sell Gold, Silver & Platinum at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

As your local pawn shop, we will put some extra money in your pocket if you bring us your unwanted precious metals. Gold is a very common precious metal that we buy and sell here, but it's not the only precious metal we deal with. In addition to paying well based on the current price of gold, we also buy silver coins, silver bullion, platinum jewelry, and more. Bring us all of your unwanted precious metals, and we'll give you a better offer than our competitors!

We Buy Gold: Sell Gold for More Money in Virginia Beach

We buy gold for higher prices. There's no reason to sell your old gold jewelry and other unwanted gold for less than you deserve. We have years' experience in paying the best possible price, and we think you'll be impressed by our payout prices for your gold. We're a pawn shop, jewelry store, and gold business that does everything we can to look out for our customers, including offering great service and paying the most money!

We Sell Gold Jewelry for Lower Prices at Our Pawn and Jewelry Store

Perhaps you aren't looking to sell gold for fast cash. Instead, you might actually be interested in buying jewelry items to add to your jewelry box. We can help with that, too. Not only are we gold and silver buyers, but we're a full-service jewelry store. We sell good quality jewelry with competitive pricing. Come see us for white gold wedding bands, a diamond engagement ring, antique jewelry, gold necklaces, gold watches, gold chains, and more. We charge much less than most jewelry retailers. There's no reason to spend as much money as the mall jewelry stores are asking for. Get a better deal on all different types of gold and silver jewelry by shopping with us!

Sell Gold Jewelry & Diamond Jewelry Today in Virginia Beach

You can sell gold jewelry and diamond jewelry today in Virginia Beach. Why wait to find a buyer? Why deal with an online buyer and the process of sending your gold through the mail? Not only will we make you the best offer and pay you a great price, but we'll make it easy for you to sell your gold today. If you're just hoping to get the process of selling gold engagement rings or gold bars done as soon as possible, or if you are in need of cash as soon as possible, come see us.


Gather up your gold items and sell them the easy way. We are the best place to sell your gold for quick cash, and we always pay top gold prices. We're committed to providing you with a great experience when you sell your piece of jewelry or collection of gold coins. We have years of experience with serving the Virginia Beach community, and we have worked hard to build a strong reputation as a reputable gold buyer in Hampton Roads.

We Pay the Most!

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