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Jewelry Repair & Jewelry Cleaning at Our Pawn Store

Our Virginia Beach pawn store is here to serve you, especially when it comes to matters related to fine jewelry. Two things we do here are jewelry cleaning and jewelry repair. As an elite pawn and jewelry store, our focus has always been on jewelry. Not only do we buy it, sell it, and make loans on it, but we can also help you with getting and keeping your jewelry in top-notch condition. If it's your first time dealing with us, we welcome you to come see us! We offer an inviting atmosphere and great customer service. Our professional staff is here to help you.

Bridal set

Why Have Jewelry Repaired at Hilltop Pawn Shop?

You might know that we offer amazing deals on jewelry and luxury watches. You might have come to us when selling jewelry or taking out a cash loan (which can be done with sporting goods, DJ equipment, musical instruments, and much more, as well as jewelry). What you might not have ever thought about is coming to us for a great deal on jewelry repair. Once you see what we have to offer, you're sure to use us for all of your jewelry repair needs.

Repair Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that's just sitting in your jewelry box, since it's not in good shape. There's a very good chance your jewelry can be repaired! Bring your pieces to our friendly staff, and they'll let you know whether or not repairs are an option. We're able to work wonders with broken jewelry, so come see what we can do with your piece today.

Save Money on Jewelry Repair

The great thing about having jewelry repaired by us is the fact that we charge fair prices. You shouldn't have to spend a ton of money to repair your jewelry, and you don't have to, when you deal with us. We offer jewelry repair for less!

Get Jewelry Repair Done Fast

You likely don't want to go without your jewelry for longer than necessary. If you've just gotten engaged, for example, your white gold ring might need to be resizing. You probably want to get this done fast so you can show off your ring to everyone! We don't send jewelry off for repairs, which is one reason why our repairs are so quick. Get your jewelry piece back quick when you choose us.

Jewelry Repairs That We Do at Our Pawn Store

We perform custom jewelry repair on all different types of jewelry! Engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands, and all sorts of old jewelry can be repaired by our expert jewelers. We have years of experience as a jewelry repair service. These are some of the available services we offer:

  • Repairing bent prongs

  • Stone setting

  • Shank repair

  • Ring resizing

  • Chain repair

  • Repairing bent prongs

  • Prong re-tipping

  • Bracelet repair

  • Necklace repair

  • Jewelry cleaning

Come see us for professional jewelry repair! We will do all of these repairs and more for a reasonable price!

As one of the best pawn shops -- if not THE best pawn shop -- in Virginia Beach, we offer the services that our customers are looking for. We offer the best deal and the best service if you're looking for local stores that offer jewelry repair. We'll treat your personal property as if it were our own, and we'll get it back to you as quickly as we can. You can also come see us if you want to sell your unwanted items of value, if you're interested in the pawn process for a loan, or if you're shopping for affordable jewelry!

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