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How to Sell Your Jewelry | Virginia Beach

Selling preowned jewelry in Virginia Beach doesn't have to be hard at all. We have years of extensive knowledge and experience with buying and selling fine jewelry, so let us help you out. Our pawn shop and jewelry store, Hilltop Pawn, will make it easy for you to sell diamond jewelry, designer jewelry, vintage jewelry, and more. Whether you're selling a single diamond ring or a whole collection of gold jewelry, we'll offer you the highest prices and the easiest possible experience. After all, we are experienced diamond buyers, and we understand the true value and price of gold, so we present the best option for getting the best value for your pieces.

Sell gold jewelry

Bring Your Unwanted Jewelry to Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach

There are various people in the jewelry industry who will purchase pieces of jewelry that you no longer want, and there are individuals who are sometimes interested in buying pre-owned valuable items, including jewelry. However, selling to the best jewelry buyer will impact both your cash offer and your overall experience.

Hilltop Pawn is the best place to sell your jewelry in Virginia Beach. We have years of experience and have become a trusted name in the Hampton Roads community. We are a locally owned and operated business, but we'll still pay top dollar. There's no need to deal with online buyers or meet-ups with strangers when you can take a short drive to your local jewelry store and pawn shop. Instead, work directly with local jewelry buyers that you can trust when selling old gold or diamond jewelry.

If you're wondering what you can bring to us to sell for great prices, the options are endless. We buy antique jewelry and vintage jewelry, since our customers come in looking for older pieces all the time. Other customers come in looking for modern jewelry pieces from all of the most popular jewelry designers, so we'll definitely pay top dollar for these pieces, too. You can even sell us fine watches! We aren't picky as an estate jewelry buyer. At our family business, we know that all unwanted gold and diamond jewelry is valuable, no matter what type of jewelry you're selling. You'll get a fair offer instead of the minimum price when you come here!

Get Paid Cash for Jewelry

Naturally, the specific original pieces that you bring in will impact how much you get paid. Some jewelry has a higher current market value than others. We can pay higher rates for antique rings or tennis bracelets that have valuable, high-quality gemstones than we can an old wedding ring that's made simply of gold. However, even older gold jewelry that isn't wearable has scrap value, so we keep that in mind when making offers, too!

Our knowledgeable staff will look at your silver, gold, or platinum jewelry for a few minutes to determine its value. That's why you should visit our local store instead of calling for a quote. Don't worry; the whole process is fast and easy, and our professional staff will help with each step. You'll get a free appraisal, and there's no obligation to sell your piece of gold or sterling silver jewelry to us. Because we offer such a high cash payout for white gold, yellow gold, and other jewelry, we think you'll take us up on our offer!

Glenda Craddock Pawn Shops

Not only do we offer the easy way to sell jewelry, but we offer the best way to get your money fast. We pay the most money for pre-owned jewelry, but it's not just that...we pay on the spot. If you've been hoping to put some cash in your pocket today, rather than waiting, bring old engagement rings and other unwanted jewelry to us!

Hilltop Pawn is a little different than most pawn shops. We specialize in jewelry; in fact, many of our customers prefer us over the local jewelry stores! Whether you're looking for a professional jewelry buyer, or if you'd like to buy or take out a loan on your jewelry, we are the right place.

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