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How to Sell My Engagement Ring?

Selling your engagement ring is a great way to put cash in your pocket when you're in a pinch. Plus, you may not need or wear your old engagement ring anyway. If you're ready to sell your diamond jewelry for the best price but don't know how, don't worry. People come to us wondering how to sell their engagement rings all the time, but as local jewelers and diamond buyers, we can answer all of your questions.

Decide if You Want to Sell or Pawn

The first decision you should make is whether you want to sell or pawn your engagement ring. Not all potential buyers offer this option; in fact, many don't. At a pawn shop like Hilltop Pawn, though, this gives you another option!

Basically, if you're thinking about selling your engagement ring because you're short on cash -- but if you really don't want to give up your ring forever if you can help it -- then a pawn loan might work perfectly for you. This allows you to get your ring back at a later date, when you repay your loan. In the meantime, you'll be granted a no credit check loan based on the potential resale value of your ring. You will lose your ring if you don't repay your loan, but this does give you a chance to get it back. Our rates are state-regulated, and we also offer extension options to give you more time to get the money together and retrieve your ring.

If you don't want your ring anymore, that's no problem, either! We are more than happy to buy it, and we'll even pay top dollar for it. The bottom line is, you simply need to decide if you want to get your ring back or not. We are a reputable diamond buyer and lender that you can work with either way.

Sell Your Engagement Ring to Hilltop Pawn

If you've decided to sell your ring, your next step is to visit a diamond specialist. In Virginia Beach, the obvious answer is Hilltop Pawn. Because of our years of experience as a local jewelry store, as well as the high prices that we're known for paying, we are the right buyer for previously-owned diamond rings.

We Buy All Engagement Rings

For one thing, you don't have to worry about us being overly picky about what we will and will not take. We buy all engagement rings, in all condition!

Of course, if your engagement ring is in good condition, it's worth the most, all other matters considered. This is because we can sell it just like it is. We can perform jewelry repair here, though, so if your engagement ring needs a few simple repairs, we can handle them before putting them up for sale.

Even if your ring isn't in good condition at all, that doesn't mean it's not valuable. It's likely made from one of the precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum, which means it has inherent melt value, even if it isn't repairable. Plus, we'll make a fair cash offer for any diamonds or gemstones in your ring.

You don't have to worry about whether or not we'll buy your ring. Bring it to us, and we'll give you the best value for it. You can also bring your diamond wedding ring, family heirloom, or other unwanted jewelry to us at the same time. We'll make you an offer on each piece you bring in, in addition to your engagement ring.

Selling Your Engagement Ring is Easy in Virginia Beach

Selling your engagement ring to local pawn shops like ours really couldn't be any easier. We'll offer you a fair price after examining your ring and determining the value of the diamond that you bring in. You can decide whether or not you want to sell -- there's no pressure, and also no obligation. We want you to be happy, but we think you will be when you hear what we offer!

Sell your engagement ring today!

Get Paid the Most for Your Engagement Ring

Selling to Hilltop Pawn is always the best option if you're hoping to get the most money. There are some jewelry buyers who are willing and able to pay more for engagement rings than others. Selling to the right engagement ring buyers is pretty much the best way to make sure you're paid what you deserve.

Of course, you could be wondering...and just how much is that? How much is my engagement ring worth? How do you determine the market value of fine estate jewelry, such as an engagement ring?

That's a great question, of course, and the easiest way to get an answer is to visit our fine jewelry store and pawn shop. As you might have learned when shopping for your engagement ring in the first place, these rings come in a range of prices. Our experienced staff can give you an answer as to the value of your old ring. Let them assess the size of your diamond(s), the quality of your diamond(s), any accompanying stones, the precious metals that make up your band, and more. If your ring is unique, antique, or from one of the leading bridal jewelry brands, this may impact its value, too.

Selling your diamond engagement ring isn't hard at all! The first step is to visit us at Hilltop Pawn. Once you get your immediate cash offer, you're almost out the door with your cash. We buy all types of bridal jewelry and are looking forward to working with you, and we'll pay you the true value of your engagement ring, without any added and unnecessary hassle. Bring your piece of jewelry to us to get started today!

Selling your engagement ring is easy! Come see us today!

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