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How Much is a Diamond Worth?

Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry is the best place to sell your diamond ring, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, or other diamonds. When working with diamond buyers like us, it's normal to hope you'll get the best price. In fact, that's probably why you've decided we're the best diamond dealer to work with! We're typically the best option because we pay a higher price, but you're likely still wondering: "How much is a diamond worth?" If you're curious about what you'll be paid for your diamond jewelry piece, bring it to us. We'll be happy to walk you through the entire process and explain how we come up with our diamond prices. We'll use our years of experience to properly diagnose your pieces, right here at our local jewelry store and pawn shop.

Diamond Pendant

Loose Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry

As your local pawn shop and fine jewelry store, we buy both loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. Of course, we'll assess what type of item you bring in as a part of your free appraisal. For example, many people don't realize it, but loose diamonds have a nice resale value. After all, there is a demand for them. They have value for a number of reasons, but in the jewelry world, they're popular for those who want to replace missing or small stones in their jewelry, as well as those who want to have custom jewelry made. When we're appraising loose diamonds, the process is quick and easy. After all, a diamond specialist will be looking at your diamond, and we don't have to worry about other aspects. Instead, we can focus on the size, quality, and value of the diamond alone. If you bring in diamond jewelry, on the other hand, we look at more than just the quality of the diamond. Of course, the quality of the diamond itself is very important; in fact, even in designer pieces, the value of the primary diamond makes up most of the value of the piece. However, to give you a fair value for your diamond jewelry, we'll look at it as a whole. Many diamond pieces are made from precious metals like gold or platinum, therefore increasing the value. Some include multiple valuable gemstones in addition to the primary diamond, and each one contributes to the piece's value. Unique and rare antique jewelry or designer pieces have a higher retail value, too. As you can see, there are a few different things we will look at when we're determining a fair price. By using these different ways of evaluating your piece, we'll get a complete look at what your diamond wedding bands or other pieces are worth. We always offer competitive prices to the customers who sell diamonds to us, and we have decades of experience in valuing these items. Visit your local jeweler, Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry, whether you have a single loose diamond or a whole collection of diamond jewelry that you're interested in selling!

The 4 C's of Diamonds: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight

When evaluating loose diamonds or diamond estate jewelry, the industry standard is to look at the 4C's of a diamond. This refers to the diamond's color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

Color​ - Many people assume that all colorless or clear diamonds are the same color, but they aren't. You might be able to sit two diamonds of different color grades side-by-side without noticing much of a difference with the naked eye, but there absolutely is a difference. A more pure diamond will be completely clear. Less valuable diamonds, on the other hand, will actually have a yellow or brownish hue. Most diamonds fall somewhere in the middle of this D to Z scale. The closer your diamond is to "D" on the scale, the more it's worth, with all other aspects being equal. Cut - One exciting thing about shopping for diamond rings -- such as engagement rings -- is to look at the different cuts. A round cut has a very different look from an emerald cut, for example. Some cuts are more sparkly, while others give the appearance that the diamond is bigger than it is. A diamond's value is heavily affected by its cut. Round cut diamonds are, while the most popular, also the most expensive. Asscher cuts, on the other hand, are more affordable. As diamond experts, we buy diamonds of all different cuts in our family-owned business, but this is something that affects value. Clarity​ - Some diamonds are more "perfect" than others. Some have inclusions, which are imperfections on the inside of the diamond. Some have blemishes, which are imperfections on the outside of the diamond. Many of these imperfections aren't easily seen with the naked eye, but value is still affected. As you can likely imagine, the more flawless a diamond is, the more valuable it is. Carat Weight​ - Even those who don't know much about new or antique diamonds typically understand that carat weight has a big impact on value. As a general rule, large diamonds are worth more than small diamonds, although other things (like the color, cut, and clarity!) impact this. For example, even a small diamond can be quite valuable if it's virtually flawless and colorless and if it's a more expensive cut, particularly if it's set in a nice piece of jewelry.

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Get the Best Offer on Your Diamond Today

It's possible to get paid the most money for your high quality diamonds and jewelry today. All you have to do is use Hilltop Pawn as your diamond and jewelry buyer. If you're wondering, "How much is a diamond worth?," you don't have to wonder about your diamond resale price much longer. At Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry, we're here six days a week, including on Saturdays. Stop by at your convenience, and we'll be able to make you a top dollar offer on the spot. You can count on us to be thorough with the appraisal process for your unwanted diamonds, but the process generally doesn't take long. You'll have answers in no time, and if you are interested in selling the unwanted items from your jewelry box to us, you'll get the money right then. Visit our family business today, and get paid today!

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