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How Much is a Cheap Engagement Ring? | Virginia Beach

​You can buy cheap engagement rings at Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach, but you could be wondering...just how cheap are we talking? Just how much is a cheap engagement ring? The answer is truly different for everyone, and you'll need to find the perfect ring that reflects your personal style, your love story, and your budget. Regardless of how much money or how little you're looking to spend, if you visit us today, we'll help you find a beautiful ring. How much you choose to spend on one of our affordable engagement rings is really up to you!

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

If you've done very much research about buying a diamond engagement ring, or if you've heard the old advice that you should spend three months' salary on a ring, you might be just a little bit nervous about how much you're going to have to spend on the perfect engagement ring. It's not necessary to go by these old rules of thumb anymore. They're outdated! If you're hoping to spend more money on your wedding and honeymoon, or if you have student loans to pay off or a house down payment to save up for, spending this much on a dream ring just doesn't make sense. Plus, it's not necessary to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a ring when you can still get a very nice ring for an affordable price.

So, just how much should you spend on an engagement ring? That's a question with a different answer for every couple. If you've been saving for a while, you might be able to spend a little more on a ring. If you're on a tight budget but are ready to get engaged right now, there's no reason to wait...instead, you can look for a high quality ring at an affordable price point, which is exactly what our friendly customer service staff will help you do.

We encourage you to take a little time before you come in. Think about how much you're realistically looking to spend. Don't be afraid to mention your budget when you come in; we work with people who are looking for a variety of styles and who are working with a variety of budgets. Whatever you decide is the right amount to spend on a stunning ring, we'll help you pick out a suitable ring at a fair price. If you're on a budget, Hilltop Pawn is always the right place to shop.

How Much Can I Save By Shopping at Hilltop Pawn & Jewelry?

You might have started your search for an affordable engagement ring at one of the mall jewelry stores. If so, you might have experienced quite a bit of sticker shock! Many of the mall jewelry stores simply don't have inexpensive engagement rings. When they do, they often aren't real diamond engagement rings; instead, they might feature lab-grown diamonds or a diamond stimulant. Even a modest but real solitaire engagement ring can be quite expensive.

You can save a ton of money on these high prices by doing your shopping at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. Selling cheap diamond rings and other affordable jewelry is what we do here. You can literally find and buy the same jewelry as you'd find in a mall jewelry store, for half the price. Coming here can help you slash your engagement ring budget in half, or you're likely to find that you can afford a much bigger and nicer ring without going out of your price range.

There are other benefits to shopping for discount engagement rings here, too. We do have a wide selection of the same brands, diamond shapes, and setting style options as you'll find in a mall jewelry store. However, you'll find that we have other options that you can't find just anywhere, too, such as authentic antique and vintage engagement rings, rather than new rings that are simply designed to have a vintage look.

Plus, we offer other options to make your purchase more affordable. Check out our layaway option; it's a great way to spread out the cost of your halo engagement ring or other high-quality diamond ring over a little bit of time, all without having to actually undergo a credit check or use credit. We even accept trade-ins of luxury watches, fine jewelry, and other items of value. Let our friendly in-house jewelry experts help you both look at affordable options and make paying for them just a little bit easier.

Engagement ring + wedding rings

​Just How Much is a Cheap Engagement Ring?

What one person thinks is "cheap" for an engagement ring might be outside of another person's budget. There's nothing wrong with that. We have affordable rings for everyone. Just how much your ring will cost depends on the specific ring that you choose. The quality of the diamond, the size of the diamond, and various other factors impact how much the ring will cost. Rest assured, though, you can purchase a show-stopping ring here for less than what you'd pay anywhere else, all without having to go with a low quality ring. Buy a ring that you'll be proud to show off for years to come for a fraction of the price by shopping here.

At Hilltop Pawn Shop, offering great prices on beautiful jewelry is what we do. There's no in-store appointment needed; just stop by during our regular business hours. You can take a look around at our selection on your own, or let one of our friendly staff know that you're looking for a little help and guidance. We're looking forward to helping you choose the best option for an engagement ring or bridal set, all without busting your budget!

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