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How Much Can I Get to Sell My Gold?

Updated: Apr 23

If you are looking for some fast cash and are wondering how to get rid of unwanted pieces of gold jewelry, selling your piece of gold may just be the best way to check two things off of your to-do list at once. Naturally, selling for the most money, getting your cash quickly, and having the easiest possible experience are all probably priorities for you. In particular, getting paid top dollar is probably your #1 concern when comparing different buyers of gold. If getting paid high payout prices -- while also enjoying a free estimate on your unwanted gold -- visit your local pawn shop and jewelry store, Hilltop Pawn.


Best Gold Buyer in Virginia Beach

When selling gold jewelry, gold coins, and other unwanted gold for quick cash, it's best to look for the best gold buyer in Virginia Beach. Choosing a reputable gold buyer will help you ensure you get a fair price and a transparent experience. Plus, choosing a local gold buyer is a good way to get your gold sold quickly and easily, all while working with local gold and silver buyers with years of experience. If you're wondering who is the best gold and jewelry buyer in the Virginia Beach area, bring your gold items to Hilltop Pawn. Once you experience our great customer service and see how much extra cash you can get by selling to us, we think you'll agree that we're the best place to sell gold in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area.

What Kind of Gold Items Can I Sell?

Some jewelry stores will buy gold -- or let you sell gold and silver jewelry on consignment -- but they're often pretty picky about what they will buy. This is the case with some other gold buyers, too. Luckily, unlike some other gold buyers, we buy pretty much any gold items that you can think of. It doesn't matter if it's yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Although we like to buy nice gold and diamond jewelry in good condition, we also understand the value of gold in general, so we'll even buy dental gold, gold bullion, or scrap gold! Bring us old gold rings and other unwanted jewelry from your jewelry box, gold coins that have been passed down by your family, or even pure gold bars that you're invested in. We're happy to pay express gold cash for all of these items and more! You can get instant cash for any gold items, in any condition, when you sell to us.


How Much Will I Get Paid for My Gold?

Getting the best price when selling precious metals should pretty much always be your top goal. After all, there is no reason to settle for low gold prices when it's possible for you to get the best deal! We use a fast process to value your gold items, based on the current market price of gold, the type of item you're selling, its gold purity, and more. To find out how much you can get for your gold, visit us today!

One of the first and easiest ways to get the most cash for gold is by selling to a buyer who is willing to pay a higher purchase price. Some pawn shops and gold buyers try to get away with paying as little as possible. We don't do that here. We always look out for the best interest of our customers, and we know you deserve to be paid a decent price based on the current market value of your gold. Visit the best gold buyer in Virginia Beach, and get paid what you deserve!

How Much is Gold Worth at Hilltop Pawn Shop?

Gold price per gram varies from day to day. This is true for gold and all precious metals. If you're wondering how much is gold worth, you have to consider both the 1 gram price of gold today in USD, as well as the purity of your gold. As you can probably imagine, the 14K gold price today is going to be higher than the value of 10K gold but lower than the value of 24K gold. The weight of your gold item also matters. If you bring your gold to us, we can determine its purity, talk to you about the current value of gold, and weigh your item out. Then, we'll make you an offer for your gold on the spot. Rest assured, you'll get paid the most for your gold here. At Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry, gold is worth more!

How Can I Find Out the Price of Gold Today?

Because the price of gold varies from day to day, you could be wondering just how much your piece is worth. So, how much is an ounce of gold today? What is the current gold price per gram? This is known as the "spot price." Call us if you're curious about the current 14K gold price per gram, or bring your item in so we can give you a current offer.

How Much Can I Sell My Gold Ring For?

We commonly buy gold rings here at Hilltop Pawn. If you're wondering how much can I sell my gold ring for, you should know that we buy gold rings for the most money here at our pawn and jewelry store. How much can I get for my gold jewelry? How much should I sell my gold for? How much can I sell my gold for? Lots of people are curious about this, but you can get answers today. Just visit our pawn and jewelry store, let us know you're thinking about selling your gold ring, and let us make you an offer.

If I Want to Sell My Gold How Much is it Worth?

If I want to sell my gold how much is it worth? You may be wondering about this, especially if you're still trying to decide whether or not you want to sell your gold items. We buy gold for some of the highest prices. You will likely be impressed by our offer, so stop by and let us pay you for your unwanted gold today!

How Will I Get Paid for My Gold?

Whether you're selling gold bars, a gold ring, scrap gold, or any other type of gold, you're likely curious about when and how you'll get paid. In fact, this is one of the first things that many people ask us when they come in to sell gold. Unlike when you work with even the most reputable online gold buyers, you'll actually get paid on the spot for your gold. You can turn your unwanted gold into cash today if you want to! As for how you'll get paid, we always pay in cash. We know not everyone has a bank account to have their payment deposited into, and some would just prefer not to get paid that way. You likely don't want to worry about dealing with a check, either. In addition to paying the highest price, we'll actually give you the money in cash. If you're looking for one of the best places to sell unwanted gold (as well as other valuable items!), our pawn and retail store is your best bet. Visit Hilltop Pawn today, and we'll give you the best value and quality service any time that you want to sell gold. We are an experienced precious metal dealer, and whether you want to sell a large collection of unwanted gold, or if you want to sell a single piece of gold antique jewelry, we are here to help. Once you sell your gold to us, you'll see why we get so many positive reviews from gold sellers and others in the Hampton Roads community.

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