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Get Paid Top Dollar from the Right Local Gold Buyer in Virginia Beach

The right local gold buyer will make it easy for you to sell your gold on the spot. Another thing you should look for when searching for gold and silver buyers is the gold and jewelry buyer that will pay you the highest price. Some online buyers and other gold buyers low-ball their customers and simply don't pay them what they deserve. There are also some gold buyers that truly don't understand the value of gold. You don't have to worry about these issues when you sell to Hilltop Pawn, where we have years of experience as your trusted local gold buyers. We will pay you the most for yellow gold, white gold & rose gold...for pure gold to 10K gold. Hilltop Pawn is the best local pawn shop and jewelry store in Virginia Beach, and we'd love to offer you quality service and high payouts for your unwanted gold. It's the best way to sell gold in Hampton Roads and beyond!

We Pay More as Your Local Gold Buyer in Virginia Beach

As an experienced precious metal dealer, we want to make our customers happy. We also want to buy gold whenever possible, whether it's a piece of jewelry or a collection of gold and silver coins. To achieve our goals, we know it's important to offer a good deal to our customers who are interested in selling gold. If you are looking for the best place to be paid the best price for your unwanted jewelry, dental gold & other unwanted gold items, all you have to do is visit us at Hilltop Pawn. We pay more than other local and online gold buyers...paying competitive prices is what we do!

​Get a No-Obligation, Top Dollar Cash Offer for Your Gold Today

Maybe you're a little curious about how much extra cash you can get for your gold piece. We get it! Even with a reputable online gold buyer, you're taking a bit of a risk when you get an offer. You may have to pay for return shipping if you don't like the offer you're given, for example, and there is always the chance that your item could get lost in the mail. Plus, if you decide you do want to sell your gold, you may have to wait several days or weeks to get paid.

That's not the case with us. For one thing, there's never any obligation when you ask us to make you an offer on your unwanted items. Don't like our offer? You can just walk away, and all you've lost is a few minutes of your time. However, because we pay higher prices than most gold jewelry buyers and gold dealers, we think you'll want to sell right away once we make you an offer!

Gold necklace

Just How Much Will You Get Paid for Your Gold at Hilltop Pawn?

Want to know how much extra money you can get for your gold? This depends on the specific items you bring in. Come visit our retail store when it's convenient for you, and let one of our friendly staff members know you'd like to get an offer on your gold! The good news is that it only takes a few minutes in most cases!

What Type of Gold Items Are You Selling?

As you can probably imagine, luxury watches and fine engagement rings that are in good condition are going to be worth more than scrap gold in most cases. We'll look at the types and condition of your gold items before making an offer. However, don't let this keep you from selling scrap gold or dental's often worth more than you think!

Gold Content Impacts Gold Value

Many gold items aren't made from pure gold. Pure gold is 24K bars are made from 24K gold, as are some pieces of jewelry. Most jewelry and scrap gold ranges from 10K gold to 18K gold, however. We will look at the gold content of your items when determining value.

Gold Weight & Spot Price of Gold Impact Pricing

The market price of gold varies from day to day. This is true for all types of precious metals. Of course, we will look at the current price of gold when evaluating your items. If you sell when gold prices are high, you'll get more money! We'd be happy to tell you the current market value of gold when you come in...just ask.

Ready to get paid a fair price for gold bars, gold bullion bars, gold coins & gold jewelry? Looking for a reputable gold buyer who will pay you the most quick cash? Hilltop Pawn is well-known in the Hampton Roads community for being one of the best places to sell gold (as well as silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, luxury watches, and other items of value). Go through your jewelry box, collect unwanted gold items, and come see us today. We'll show you a great time, provide you with good customer service, and make you a highest price offer on the spot. You'll be in and out of our retail store in 10 or 15 minutes in most cases, and we think you'll walk away happy, knowing that you got the best deal. You can get fast cash today...all you have to do is gather your valuable items and come see us. Have questions? Give us a call at 757-769-7254 today!

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