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Get Paid Faster from a Local Gold Buyer | Hilltop Pawn

There are many reasons to sell your gold to a local gold buyer. One great advantage to finding a local gold and jewelry buyer is the fact that you can get paid quick cash. When you sell to online buyers, you often have to wait days or weeks for your gold jewelry and gold coins to arrive at their destination and be processed and appraised. Then, you have to wait for your payment. When you are hoping to get some fast cash, this isn't the way to do it. Instead, visit your trusted local pawn shop and jewelry store, Hilltop Pawn. You can sell your piece of precious metals in mere minutes...we'll offer you fair pricing and a cash payment for all of your unwanted pieces.

​Free Verbal Appraisals on Your Gold Piece of Jewelry & More

If you're wondering how much instant cash you can get for your specific items, you've come to the right place! We would love to tell you the value of your gold today. We have a lot of experience with doing accurate precious metals appraisals, so we've really gotten the hang of it over the years. Not only can we appraise your gold fast, but we'll do it accurately and offer you what you deserve.

Are you wondering what we look at when we're offering you a better price for your gold? Well, first, we will determine what types of items you have. Gold designer jewelry that's in good condition is appraised differently from scrap gold, for example...after all, good-quality jewelry has a higher resale value, while scrap gold will be used for its melt value. We look at the gold content in the that is as close to pure gold (24K gold) is more valuable than gold that is mixed with more alloys, such as 10K or 14K gold. Karat weight of any diamonds or valuable gemstones in the piece is considered, too.

Have a lot of unwanted gold items that you'd like to get an offer on? You can bring as much gold to us as you want...we'll appraise all of it on the spot, and we'll offer you excellent customer service each step of the way. We'll pay the most money for your gold ring, diamond rings, platinum jewelry, and pretty much any type of gold. There's no obligation and the assessment only takes a few minutes in most cases, so what do you have to lose? Come get an offer today!

Diamond ring

​Your Local Gold Buyer Pays in Cash | Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry

Even in today's world, cash is king! We have years of experience in the pawn industry, so we get it. You never have to worry about waiting for a deposit into your bank account when you sell to us, nor do you have to worry about figuring out where to cash a check or waiting for the check to clear. When we buy your gold and silver jewelry, dental gold, gold bars & other items, we always pay in cash!

Enjoy Fast & Friendly Service When Selling Gold in Virginia Beach

When visiting pawn and jewelry stores -- whether to sell your gold, or for other reasons, like taking out a pawn loan or shopping for engagement rings -- you deserve good customer service. When you visit our Virginia Beach retail store, we'll do everything we can to show you a great time! Quality service is just one of many things we're known for, as you'll see if you check out our online reviews or talk to locals in the area. Not only will we pay you the best price for your gold estate jewelry, fine watches, gold coins & gold bullion bars, but we'll do everything we can to give you great customer service and a great experience.

You don't have to keep wondering about the best way to sell your unwanted piece of gold. Just gather up your unwanted jewelry & other gold items, and visit local reputable buyers of gold and silver...Hilltop Pawn. We'll pay you a great price based on the value of your item, and we'll pay you on the spot. There isn't really a faster or easier way for you to get money for the unwanted items from your jewelry box, including white gold, yellow gold & rose gold. We also provide a variety of other jewelry store and pawn shop services for customers in the Hampton Roads area, so come see us at our Virginia Beach pawn store today.

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