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Get a Cash Loan on Your Diamond or Gold Jewelry | Virginia Beach

Whether you're interested in a small-dollar loan or a much bigger loan, your diamond or gold jewelry can help you borrow the extra money you need. If you've been looking into online payday loans, credit card cash advance options, unsecured personal loan options, or other financial products, we have an alternative option for you to consider. Pawn shops like Hilltop Pawn won't just pay you the best price for your diamond and gold items; we also offer loans on diamond and gold jewelry! Our pawn shop and jewelry store has years of experience with granting these loans, and we offer the best way to borrow money on gold and silver jewelry.

Jewelry Loans in Virginia Beach

Can I Use My Diamond and Gold Jewelry for a Cash Loan?

One reason Hilltop Pawn is the best place to borrow money is because we accept many items of value as collateral. If you don't have any diamond or gold jewelry to use for collateral, chances are good that you have another item of value that you can use. However, bringing a piece of jewelry is convenient, and because of the high price of gold, the strong gold market, and the overall value of fine jewelry, you can get the best offer for your loan.

You can use all different types of golden jewelry and diamond jewelry for one of our cash loans. Sterling silver jewelry, estate jewelry, antique jewelry, and more can all be used for our loans. Bring your wedding rings, engagement ring, bracelets, necklaces, and more. We also accept regular precious metals (like gold coins, scrap gold, silver coins, gold bullion, or gold bars), as well as loose diamonds and gemstones for our collateral loans.

Also, remember that we are gold buyers and jewelry buyers. If you actually want to sell your diamond and gold jewelry for the highest prices (instead of taking out a loan), we can help with that too! Because we always pay top dollar as your local jewelers, we are one of the best places to sell jewelry you don't want!

Benefits of Pawn Shop Loans

If you're wondering why you should consider pawn shop loans instead of alternative forms of credit, there are many benefits to think about.

You can borrow a small amount of money to get you by until your next paycheck, or you can take out the maximum loan amount; it's really up to you with a pawn loan. Since we don't care about things like your income or credit rating, you're the one who chooses how much you borrow. If you bring multiple pieces of valuable jewelry, you will qualify for larger loan amounts with us.

We don't perform hard credit checks. In fact, your credit history does not matter to us, even if you have really bad credit. Many people who have less-than-perfect credit like that we don't check your credit score at all.

You don't have to have a bank account to take out one of our loans, which is often required by an online lender.

There's no loan application process for you to worry about when you want a fast cash loan from us. Just bring your ID and collateral; that's all you need.

We offer short-term loans, so if you just want to borrow money for a short period of time -- without worrying about long-term monthly payments -- we can help.

We don't charge the high interest rates that often go along with car title loans or payday loan requests. We're also fully transparent about how much you'll be expected to repay. You don't have to worry about the financial problems that can go along with predatory loans when you work with us.

Since you don't have to worry about us processing an application form or pulling your information from the credit bureaus, you don't have to wait to get paid. You don't even have to wait until the next business day. Instead, you'll get your loan in cash right then! We offer automatic payments on the spot, which is great when you need money right away!

If you decide that the jewelry you used is unwanted jewelry, you don't have to repay your loan. Instead, you can just leave your collateral with us. This is also an option if you can't repay your loan.

Why Choose Hilltop Pawn for a Diamond and Gold Jewelry Loan?

At Hilltop Pawn, we pay express gold cash on the spot for unwanted gold bars, a gold ring, dental gold, or anything else that you don't want in your jewelry box. If you don't actually want to sell your diamond or gold jewelry, we offer a great way to use it to borrow extra cash, all while you have the option to get it back.

In general, you’ll prefer us over other pawn shops because we make higher loan offers. We also pride ourselves on offering the best customer service!

Cash Loans on Jewelry

How to Get a Cash Loan on Jewelry in Virginia Beach

The process of getting a cash loan from Hilltop Pawn is incredibly easy, all without a loan approval process. Once you try this financial solution, we think you'll like our collateral personal loans for your various financial needs. Whether you need money for unexpected medical expenses, bills, or anything else, our fast loans are a great solution.

​The process of one of our loans is simple. Bring your old gold jewelry and diamond jewelry; look for more valuable pieces if you want to borrow the most money. When you bring your jewelry pieces, bring your ID, too. We'll spend 10 or 15 minutes looking over your jewelry, determining gold content, the value of any gemstones, and the overall condition and value of your jewelry.

Once we have an idea of the value of your pieces of gold and diamond jewelry, we'll determine how much we can loan you. We'll offer you the highest possible price while ensuring we are securing the loan. Once you take us up on our loan offer, we’ll hand you your pawn ticket and your loan funds in cash!

There’s no reason to wait to take out a loan on gold and diamond jewelry. Visit Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach today, and we’re happy to help!

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