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Does Gold Price Vary Between 10K, 14K, 18K & 24K Gold?

Gold price varies based on a lot of things, including current stock market conditions and current supply and demand. If you are thinking now is a good time to sell your gold because the spot gold price is high, you could be wondering just how much your gold is worth. Of course, we do look at current spot price of gold when buying precious metals. We also look at a variety of things, including whether you have 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold or 24K gold. Regardless, if you have gold jewelry, gold bars or gold coins that you're interested in selling, you can get paid the highest gold price today by visiting us at Hilltop Pawn.

Does Gold Price Vary Based on Gold Content?

When it comes to to precious metal price that you will be paid for your gold jewelry, be aware that gold content does make a big difference. Basically, the value of gold is based on pure gold. When you see the gold spot price, this is based on a troy ounce of gold (24K gold), such as gold bullion (which a lot of people purchase as investment decisions).

​Of course, we buy physical gold bullion and other 24K gold, and we pay top dollar for it. However, we also pay the highest current price of gold for items with lower gold content. 

For example, a lot of jewelry isn't made from 24K gold. It just isn't practical for many reasons. For one thing, 24K gold is very expensive, making 24K gold jewelry unattainable for a lot of average people. Plus, gold products that are made from pure gold are actually quite soft and malleable, which doesn't make sense for jewelry, since it can be damaged very easily.

This means 10K, 14K & 18K gold jewelry is very popular. 10K gold is a popular choice among those who want "real" jewelry but who are on a budget. It's also more durable because it has a higher percentage of other alloys. 14K gold is a nice balance between affordability and the shine of real gold, and 18K gold is a special option that really shines. If you're wondering about today's gold price and the live price of gold for your 10K, 14K or 18K jewelry, we invite you to visit us at Hilltop Pawn. We will tell you the current gold price that we are willing to offer, and if you're happy with the number amount we tell you, we'll pay you in cash on the spot. We provide a viable option to turn your gold investment or gold jewelry into cash on the spot, and our past performance in the gold and jewelry industry speaks for itself! Gold's at an all-time high, and as your local gold investors, buyers & sellers, we'd love to make you a cash offer.

Gold ring

How Do I Know the Gold Content in My Piece of Jewelry?

If you have a piece of jewelry that you're interested in selling, you could be wondering about its gold content. In many cases, the gold content is printed somewhere on the piece, such as the inside of a ring. However, there are various reasons why the gold content might not be stamped on your piece. If you purchased a custom made piece of gold jewelry, the jewelry maker might not have stamped it. Additionally, if you have had your ring resized at some point or another, the imprint might no longer be visible.

If you don't know about the gold content of your gold jewelry, don't worry...we can help. There are various tests, such as acid testing, that can be done to determine gold content. We also look at other various factors when we're determining how much a piece of gold jewelry is worth, such as looking to see if there are any diamonds or valuable stones in the piece, or paying attention to whether or not the piece is from a popular designer. We will pay you the highest price of gold today here at Hilltop Pawn, based on live spot prices and more. Plus, because we focus so much on jewelry here at Hilltop Pawn, we will pay you the highest purchase price and provide you with the highest level of customer service.

What is the 14K Gold Price Per Gram at a Pawn Shop?

14K gold jewelry is one of the more popular options out there. If you have one or more pieces of 14K gold jewelry that you are interested in selling, you might be wondering: What is the 14K gold price per gram at a pawn shop like Hilltop Pawn? Because it varies, we encourage you to visit us when you get a chance...we'd love to make you an offer, which only takes a few minutes.

At Hilltop Pawn, we have been in the gold market for a long time. Hilltop Pawn is a safe haven to sell your gold, and we've built quite a reputation in the local gold industry in recent years! We pay top gold prices, and we also pay the highest silver prices! There's no reason to keep looking for local markets to get paid the highest gold bullion prices, nor do you have to deal with an online gold buyer that may pay you lower prices and put you through a lot of hassle. Instead, come see us at Hilltop Pawn, where we pay the most for gold jewelry, silver bullion & more. Looking for a short term loan using your gold as collateral? We can help you with a no credit check pawn shop loan, too!

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