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​Can I Sell My Engagement Ring to a Pawn Shop?

Are you thinking about selling your engagement ring? Pawn shops like Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry offer many services. At our Virginia Beach jewelry store, we buy, sell, and loan. There's an emphasis on buy. We love diamond engagement rings and other fine jewelry, and we're always on the hunt for the perfect piece of jewelry to display in our jewelry cases. If you're curious about whether or not you can sell your engagement ring to a pawn shop, the answer is yes! In fact, the answer is that you probably should, at least when you choose Hilltop Pawn Shop as your diamond jewelry buyer in the Hampton Roads area. You've seen us on TV, and now you can visit us in person to sell your ring at our full-service location.

Sell Your Engagement Ring to a Pawn Shop Today

Once you make the decision to sell an engagement ring, there really isn't any reason to wait to make the sale. Why do that, when you can go ahead and get the transaction completed quickly and easily, on the spot? Why wait to get paid, when you can have the cash in your pocket today?

That's one of the best parts of selling your engagement ring to a pawn shop. Sales are made on the spot. Cash is paid, right then. If you visit the right pawn shop, you'll get the excellent customer service that you deserve. Plus, when you visit us, you can walk around and peruse our jewelry cases; after all, we strive to have the largest selection of jewelry around! There's always something sparkly and pretty for you to look at while you're waiting to have your ring valued by one of our professionals.

Why Sell Your Engagement Ring to a Pawn Shop?

Why sell your engagement ring to a pawn shop? Well, there are a few reasons. Many find a pawn shop to be the best place to sell a ring because it allows them to work locally. Even in today's online world, sometimes it's better to interact with someone face-to-face. This is especially true when you're doing something as important as selling an expensive piece of jewelry. It's also the perfect way to sell your ring fast!

Why Hilltop Pawn is the Best Pawn Shop to Sell Your Engagement Ring

We won't pretend to be the only pawn shop that will buy your engagement ring. However, because of our years in the industry and our store's focus on fine jewelry in particular, we are your best option if you're in or around Virginia Beach.

Are you curious why? Well:

  • We're a family-owned business!

  • We've been in the industry for years, and we know jewelry!

  • Customers from all over Hampton Roads know we have the best customer service. Come enjoy a great experience by selling to us instead of our competitors.

  • We're willing to pay what your ring is worth.

  • We offer other great services, such as jewelry repair services, pawn loans, and much more. We are everything you could possibly want in a jewelry store, and more. Visit us to buy, sell, or take out a loan today!

​Selling to our pawn shop is one of the great ways to get rid of an unwanted engagement ring. We'll help you every step of the way.

Buy or Get a Loan on Your Engagement Ring Today

If you're actually in the market for the perfect engagement ring, you might be checking out the different jewelry stores. There's no reason to pay full price for an engagement ring when you can get the same jewelry for the half the price, right here. We have a large selection of engagement rings of all different types. Plus, if you don't find your dream ring here, you can check out our sister store, Greenbrier Pawn. Just let us know your personal preferences, and we'll help you find the perfect ring to suit your personal style, all at any budget. Visit us for affordable engagement rings, and you won't be disappointed! Now's a great time to look for a great deal, all while you're working on the next step in your relationship!

You can even get a pawn loan on your engagement ring if you'd rather not sell it! The basic process is similar to selling your ring, but instead of buying it forever, we'll just hold on to it as collateral. That's just one of many reasons to choose a pawn shop!

Sell a diamond engagement ring at our pawn shop.

Don't hesitate to visit our Virginia Beach location. You can get your ring sold today! When selling your engagement ring, don't forget that we also buy custom wedding rings, a men's wedding band, designer watches, and much more. As experienced jewelers who are passionate about the local jewelry industry, we're always excited to value and pay top dollar for fine jewelry of all kinds!

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