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Lynnhaven   Virginia Beach   Hilltop Pawn Shop

Do you need a Cash Loan today? Hilltop Pawn Shop serves the Lynnhaven, Virginia Beach. Take a short drive and see the difference for yourself. A Pawn Shop like none other waiting to serve you.

Give us a quick call to have your question answered

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Need a Cash Loan near Lynnhaven, Virginia Beach?

Hilltop Pawn Shop serves not only Lynnhaven but all of Virginia Beach. If you need a loan give us a quick call to get all your questions answered. 

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We buy anything of value

Do you have something to sell? just give us a call and we will give you a ballpark quote right over the phone. We buy gold and diamond jewelry everyday.


Best Jewelry Store - Lynnhaven

We are more than a Pawn Shop we are the best Jewelry Store in town. Stop in today to see the same jewelry at half the price. Serving Lynnhaven and all of Virginia Beach. 

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