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Glenda Craddock Jewelry Stores

You don't always think of a pawn shop when you're searching for a first class jewelry store but the reality is Hilltop Pawn Shop is one of the best jewelry stores in Virginia Beach. We have one of the largest selections of jewelry and a goldsmith onsite for all your jewelry repair needs. Just google Glenda Craddock Jewelry Stores to find our locations. 

From Modern round Brilliant to old mine cut diamonds and so much more

Antique Engagement Rings

Vintage Jewelry

Modern Round Brilliant Diamonds

Halo Set Engagement Rings

and everything in between

Plus in-house Jewelry Repair, Fix it Quick

Engagement Rings Antique & Unique 

           When it comes to engagement rings and fine jewelry there can be no doubt you’ll find the most interesting selection at your local pawn shop. In this case, Hilltop Pawn Shop and Jewelry is the number one jewelry pawn shop in Virginia Beach. You may ask, why would a pawn shop be the best place to find antique and unique jewelry? Very Simple…

            When it to Antique Engagement Rings traditional jewelry stores typically don’t carry any at all. Some local jewelers do and the fact is they actually get that “estate case” full of jewelry by shopping in… yep, Pawn Shops. The other way they get Vintage jewelry is to offer consignment to people. These are the very same people that visit pawn shops to sell that jewelry. Afterall, buying jewelry of every description is what we do day in and day out, as well as making loans. So when it comes to where to find antique engagement rings and dated fine jewelry Hilltop Pawn shop and Jewelry is your store.

            When we talk about Unique Engagement Rings and Jewelry again we have to talk about your local Pawn Shop. Remember, traditional and local jewelry stores buy pre-made jewelry from manufacturers and wholesalers and then resale that to the public. In this country there are about ten large manufacturers and importers that sell 80% of all the jewelry. As a result most stores carry the same items. Now there are some local jewelers right here in Virginia Beach that make some of their product. We are fortunate to have some fine jewelry stores here locally. But here at Hilltop Pawn we buy 80% from the individual person walking in so they sell one piece at a time. The other 20% is made by us out of the finding, mountings, and loose diamonds and gems we end up with when a piece can’t be repaired. You can’t get more unique than realizing our jewelry comes from all over the world one piece at a time.

Same Jewelry Half the Price

            When it comes to saving money there is no comparison to Hilltop Pawn Shop and Jewelry. How do we sell the same jewelry for half the price? Easy when you understand why it costs so much in a jewelry store. 

            First part… a piece of jewelry that a local jeweler purchases ,as a ready to sell piece, has been in five or six hands along the way. It begins in the gold or diamond mine then to the gold processor and diamond cutters, then to dealers that buy large quantities to sell to smaller dealers who work with various types for manufactures of jewelry. Now the manufacturer puts all the pieces together and sells as a finished good or as findings (parts) to a jewelry store. All of these hands made money on that piece of jewelry. The cost of the piece has been marked up many time now to cover each levels expenses and profit. The local jeweler has to mark it up considerably to warrant investing the large amount of money they tie up to have a large inventory.

            Second part… When a person brings something into our store to sell or get a loan on it we look at it as what is it worth in materials. So kind of like back to the mine level of pricing. Afterall, if we can’t sell it we have to recoup our money by scrapping the item. Now understand, items that are simple and sold daily we pay based on what we know we can get for it and still make a reasonable profit. But items that are not popular or sold by the millions by mall stores we have to look at this way because we could never sell all of them we end up with. 

            Now having said all that the reasoning for our slogan, Same jewelry Half the Price, is simply put that we pay less for our inventory than jewelers do. If we have what you want, you can save a ton.

The Best Virginia Beach Jewelry Store

Why consider a Glenda Craddock pawn shop to be the best Virginia Beach jewelry store? Well, when you are looking at the best jewelry stores in Virginia Beach, there are a few things you should consider. You want to work with a store that has great inventory and great pricing, of course. After all, what good is a Virginia Beach jewelry store if it doesn't have what you want in your price range, right? A good reputation and great customer service are important, too. Luckily, you can enjoy all that and more here at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry. If you're looking for a diamond jewelry pawn shop near me, you have found it! Gold and diamond jewelry is our specialty!

Glenda Craddock Pawn Shops & Jewelry Stores

Glenda Craddock pawn shops & jewelry stores -- Hilltop Pawn Shop and Greenbrier Pawn -- are your best choice when looking for a diamond jewelry pawn shop near me in Hampton Roads. Of the various Virginia Beach jewelry stores, we offer the best one-of-a-kind, ever-changing inventory, the best pricing, and the best customer service. There's no reason to visit the other jewelry stores in Virginia Beach. Our Virginia Beach jewelry store is here to serve you!

Jewelry Repair

          Both Hilltop Pawn Shop and Jewelry and Greenbrier Pawn are full service Jewelry Stores offering full service In-House Jewelry Repair. I think it’s funny that people are surprised when they find out we offer jewelry repair. After all, we have to refurbish every piece of jewelry that comes into our store. Yes every piece of jewelry we offer for sale has been through an entire process that inspected, recorded issues, repaired, replaced or refurbished and then reinspected. So we do this every day. Turns out normal repairs from customers are the easiest to do. The volume of repair work we do is five or ten times the volume a normal jewelry store does. In fact most stores only have a bench man / women in the store working two days a week. We have a full time person at each store and each bench person has a full time assistant. Then when things get overloaded my husband and daughter Nina become the second assistant.

            Visit either one of our stores for all your jewelry repair needs.

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Engagement Rings in Hilltop

When Shopping for an Engagement Ring Hilltop Pawn Shop is a must see Jewelry Store. We are a full service jewelry store with a huge selection of jewelry at half the price of retail.


Fine Jewelry | Designer Jewelry

You'll fine the most Unique Jewelry in Virginia Beach at Hilltop Pawn Shop. Why? Simple we buy from the public not from the same dealers every retail jeweler uses. Unique, Antique, and Vintage.


Glenda Craddock Jewelry Stores

Virginia Beach has some fine Jewelry Stores but Hilltop Pawn Shop can do one thing no other store can. Sell jewelry at half the retail price. Stop in Today.

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