When you think about buying jewelry, you might assume that going to a mall jewelry store is your best choice. You might even think that it’s your only choice. Luckily, with Hilltop Pawn Shop conveniently located in Virginia Beach, this is not the case at all. Once you check out our shop, we think you’ll find us to be your number one choice for all of your jewelry buying needs.


We have been involved in the jewelry and pawn business for more than two decades, so you could say that we really know what we are doing. We interact with customers on a daily basis and buy and sell jewelry all the time. From classic antique and vintage pieces to the newest and hottest trends from all of the best designers, we really know our stuff.


Also, since we put such a huge focus on jewelry here at our pawn shop, we have a huge selection. Of course, we pride ourselves on the fact that you can find many of the same pieces that you would find at any mall jewelry store; the only difference is that we are able to sell our pieces for half the price of what the jewelry stores are charging, which means that you can treat yourself and build up your collection of high-end, luxurious jewelry for a fraction of the cost. However, we also have pieces that you won’t find anywhere else in town, including authentic antique and vintage jewelry.

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Hilltop Pawn Shop is here to change the way that you think about pawn shops and the way that you buy jewelry. Once you come in and see our high-end jewelry store, you’re sure to never want to go anywhere else for jewelry, whether you are looking to add to your own collection or if you are looking for a perfect gift for someone else.