Some people assume that they have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a nice engagement ring. In fact, you might have even heard that the groom-to-be is supposed to spend three months’ worth of his salary on a ring. Even though this advice might have seemed like a good idea a long time ago, it just isn’t a good fit for many people nowadays. You might have tons of student loans that you’re still paying on, or you could be trying to save up the money to plan the perfect wedding. You might even be thinking ahead and trying to save up a down payment so that you and your soon-to-be spouse can buy the perfect home. In these cases and more, it just doesn’t make sense to spend that much on a ring.


Luckily, this does not mean that you have to settle for a ring that isn’t beautiful and authentic. Instead, you can simply change up your way of shopping. If you walk into a jewelry store, you’re probably going to find high prices that you really can’t easily afford. You shouldn’t make this cause you to think that affordable rings aren’t out there. Instead, try shopping at Hilltop Pawn Shop, where you can always find beautiful jewelry for a fraction of the price that you would spend elsewhere.


If you already have your eye on a certain type of ring, you might find that you can find the exact same thing here. We have engagement rings with all types of different diamond cuts, including princess-cut, round-cut, emerald-cut and more. We have pretty solitaires, rings with halos and so much more. Plus, if you want something different, you’re sure to love our selection of antique engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, rings with black diamonds, rose gold diamond rings and more. We have engagement rings of all types that are suitable for any bride!​

saving money on the same thing

There’s no reason to pay more for the exact same thing. If you want to spend half as much money on the same ring, stop in at Hilltop Pawn Shop here in Virginia Beach so that we can help you.