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Your Local Gold Buyer Will Buy Gold Bullion, Scrap Gold & More | Hilltop Pawn

As a local gold buyer, we are always interested in paying you top dollar for different types of gold! If you have any experience with our local pawn shop and jewelry store, you probably know that jewelry and fine watches are out specialty. Because we buy and sell pre-owned jewelry and luxury watches, we are always interested in buying your unwanted jewelry...this includes white gold jewelry, yellow gold jewelry, rose gold also includes platinum jewelry, silver jewelry & diamond jewelry. However, did you know that we are also the best place to sell other unwanted gold for competitive prices? You don't have to go with online buyers to sell gold coins, scrap gold, gold bullion, dental gold, or other forms of gold. Get paid a fair price for old gold jewelry, gold bullion bars, gold and silver coins, and more. The good news is, you can get free verbal appraisals on the spot here...and if you like our highest price offer, you'll get paid in cash on the spot!

We Buy More Than Gold Jewelry at Hilltop Pawn in Virginia Beach

If you have a variety of unwanted items that you want to sell, we can help! Since we are known as one of the top local jewelry stores that deals with pre-owned jewelry, a lot of locals know to bring us their gold necklaces, diamond rings, platinum jewelry, engagement rings, and other jewelry items. However, we buy much more than just jewelry! Bring us any unwanted pieces of gold so you can get instant cash. We don't focus on specific items...if your items have gold content, we'll buy them for a better price. For example, we buy everything from gold bars to scrap gold and dental gold! We offer a truly great way to sell any and all of your gold items for extra cash...we're more than just your local gold jewelry buyers...we are your local go-to gold and silver buyers, too. 

Diamond engagement ring

We're Your Local Gold Buyer | We Pay More for Your Gold

We have a lot of positive reviews from happy customers who have enjoyed our quality service and sold their gold for fast cash. We pay more for gold, and even better, we offer fast & free, no-obligation options for selling your valuable metal items. Want to know how much money you'll get for your unwanted gold items? Stop by, and let us make you an offer!

If you're hoping to be paid top gold prices for gold, visit the reputable gold buyers in Virginia Beach that you can count on...Hilltop Pawn. We are well-known as the best gold buyer for selling any gold piece that you want to get rid of, whether it's a piece of jewelry, or a piece of scrap gold, or any other type of gold. It's true that we have a great reputation and many great online reviews as a local jewelry buyer, but we are so much more as your local reputable gold buyer. We have years of experience buying and selling all different types of gold, so come see us for good customer service and quick cash payments!

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