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Who Buys Jewelry Locally in Virginia Beach?

Who buys jewelry locally in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area? We have years of experience with pretty much everything related to jewelry...buying jewelry, selling jewelry, making loans on jewelry, and even performing jewelry repairs! You can get paid competitive prices for old gold jewelry, new jewelry, diamond jewelry, and jewelry featuring a wide range of stones. We are the best place to sell an engagement ring, wedding ring, and more for the highest price...and we make it so easy. You don't even have to leave the Hampton Roads area to get a great sales price when selling your jewelry.

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Who Buys Jewelry in the Virginia Beach Area?

The first thing you'll need to decide when selling your jewelry locally is who you are going to sell to. There are some jewelry stores that will buy jewelry, but a lot of them just offer the option to sell your jewelry on consignment. This can be isn't in their best interest to try to sell your jewelry instead of theirs, so it might not sell as quickly as you think if you take this route. Plus, you may not get the fair price that you deserve for your diamond ring or other old jewelry.

Selling diamond rings and other jewelry to a pawn shop is also an option. If you've sold to a pawn shop in the past, you might know how it all works. If you haven't, you should know that it's actually very easy and fast. At least, that's the case if you're using the right pawn shop as your jewelry and diamond buyers. Hilltop Pawn Shop isn't just a pawn shop, but we're also the best local jewelry store if you're looking for a potential buyer who will pay a higher price for your own jewelry.

Why Sell Your Jewelry to a Local Buyer?

Nowadays, buying and selling things online is so common. It's so convenient to be able to just order things on Amazon and have them delivered straight to your door. Selling jewelry online is an option...there are online marketplaces and auction sites where you can list your jewelry, and you can then ship your piece of jewelry to the buyer. There are also online jewelry buyers and gold buyers you can work with.

Why not choose one of these options? It might seem so convenient. In reality, in many cases, it isn't. If you list on an online marketplace or auction site, you'll need to take pictures of your jewelry...and getting good pictures of wedding rings, engagement rings, and other jewelry is more challenging than you might think! You then have to write up a listing, and you may even have to pay a listing fee. You may have to communicate back and forth with potential buyers, and you have to worry about scammers along the way. Then, if you do find a buyer, you'll have to ship the jewelry to them, all the while hoping it makes it to its destination without any mail issues.

All of this is often more work, and it's that much longer before you get your money. If you're selling sterling silver jewelry, wedding bands, gold jewelry, and other items from your jewelry box because you need cash now, this is especially inconvenient!

Compare that with selling to local jewelry experts, like Hilltop Pawn Shop. You don't have to worry about taking pictures or trying to figure out how much to sell your jewelry for. Just bring your ID and jewelry to our full service jewelry store. It's an inviting atmosphere, and great customer service is important to us. One of our staff will look at your piece and appraise it. Then, they will make you an offer and pay you in cash. No dealing with a website or app, no going to the post office, and no waiting for your money. It's the easiest and fastest way to sell your jewelry to someone in the jewelry industry!

Why Selling Your Jewelry to a Pawn Shop Makes Sense

Are you wondering why you should sell your jewelry to a pawn shop rather than another local buyer? Well, a pawn shop is a great place to sell unwanted jewelry if you want to sell it fast. You will get paid a whole lot faster than if you sell on consignment somewhere. Are you thinking about looking for a local buyer, like by listing your jewelry on an online marketplace? Well, you do have to beware of scams or people who waste your time. It can take a while to find a buyer if you take this route rather than working with a Hampton Roads diamond buyer like a pawn shop. Pawn shops make selling jewelry fast and easy, so it's often the best way to both get the best price and overall handle the transaction of selling your jewelry.


Who buys jewelry in the Virginia Beach area? Hilltop Pawn Shop is one of the best places to sell your fine jewelry for the highest prices. We also buy precious metals, such as silver coins, gold bullion coins, broken jewelry made from precious metals, and more. Are you hoping for a great experience and excellent customer service at a local store front in Chesapeake? Check out our other store, Greenbrier Pawn...a Glenda Craddock pawn shop. At either shop, we are your local jeweler. We want to pay you top dollar for estate jewelry, loose diamonds, platinum jewelry, antique jewelry, and more. Come in and get a jewelry appraisal...we offer free appraisals, and you'll get quick cash if you're ready to sell! It's the easiest way out there to sell your jewelry.

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