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Our Pawn Store Will Pay Top Dollar for Your Fine Jewelry

As a pawn store in Virginia Beach, buying and selling jewelry are two of the primary things we do. Do you have jewelry that you're hoping to sell? Bringing it to us is a great way to get the best deal. If you're new to working with a pawn business, you may not know what to expect. We offer great customer service and fair prices for your pre-owned jewelry, so stop by today!

Sell Your Jewelry on the Spot

One great thing about selling your jewelry to a pawn shop is the fact that you can sell it on the spot. It can take longer than you think to find a buyer when you list your jewelry on eBay or other similar sites. When you try to sell on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, there's the chance that no one will be interested right away. Some will even waste your time, setting appointments to meet and never showing up, or showing up and offering you much less than you deserve.

If your short-term cash flow isn't the best and you're hoping to put some paper money in your pocket as soon as possible, we offer a better solution. We're open six days a week, and our professional staff are always ready to assess and buy jewelry. Come see us if you're hoping to sell your jewelry today, and we'll make you a deal.

Cash for jewelry

Our Pawn Store Buys Jewelry of All Different Types

You can sell all different types of jewelry to us. Of course, we'll buy jewelry that's in good condition, and we may be able to offer more for it. However, we also buy broken gold jewelry, loose diamonds, and more! As for the types of jewelry that we buy...we buy pretty much everything.

These are some of the things we pay the highest prices for:

Bring your piece of jewelry so we can make you a great offer! In addition to jewelry buying, we do pay higher prices for other items of value. We are also a gold buyer, and we're diamond buyers! If you don't have jewelry pieces that you want to sell, bring us your precious metals, such as gold coins, and we'll offer you great prices. We'll also offer you a fair price and immediate payment for loose diamonds and other precious stones.


Get Paid More for Your Fine Jewelry

You deserve to be paid well for your fine jewelry. Not everyone will pay you what you deserve. Get paid more here at Hilltop Pawn Shop & Jewelry! We offer amazing deals and pay the best prices. Not only is the entire process easy, but we're the right place to go if you're looking for professional service and someone who recognizes the true value of your jewelry.

Are you hoping to get a great deal when selling your fine jewelry? Visit our elite pawn and jewelry store today. We are one of the best pawn shops in the Hampton Roads area. We make it easy for you to get quick cash for your pre-owned items, and our friendly staff will help you each step of the way. If it's your first time visiting us, we look forward to showing you just how fast and easy it is to sell your items of value! Come sell your jewelry to the best jewelry buyers in Virginia Beach!


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