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Best Place to Sell Jewelry in Virginia Beach

If you want to sell a diamond ring (such as an engagement ring), or any other gold jewelry or diamond jewelry, getting a fair price is important. If you're looking for the best diamond buyers and jewelry buyers in Virginia Beach, Hilltop Pawn is clearly your best option. We pay the highest prices for pretty much any unwanted jewelry from your jewelry box, and we'll even give you a great price for scrap gold and loose diamonds, too. Whether you have designer jewelry, estate jewelry, or any other jewelry, we'll give you a free appraisal and offer you the most money! Hilltop Pawn isn't just the best local jewelry store for buying jewelry; we also pay higher prices when you sell jewelry, too.

Selling Gold Jewelry

Hilltop Pawn and Jewelry Buys All Jewelry, Diamonds, and Gold

If you're hoping to get quick cash for pre-owned fine jewelry, working with Hilltop Pawn is simply a good idea. We'll buy pretty much any type of jewelry you want to sell. Silver jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, and platinum jewelry are all valuable here. We'll buy vintage jewelry and antique jewelry, since many of the customers who visit our jewelry store and pawn shop are looking for older pieces. We're also the best jewelry buyer to visit if you're selling modern jewelry from top jewelry designers.

The types of pieces of jewelry that you bring in doesn't matter; we buy all of it. We buy important estate jewelry, such as brooches or necklaces. Diamond engagement rings are always a top seller here, as are wedding bands. However, we'll buy other types of jewelry pieces, too, as well as fine watches!

Don't forget, we're also gold buyers who are heavily involved in the diamond industry. Because of that, we'll buy valuable items that aren't necessarily wearable. Unwanted gold, broken estate pieces, sterling silver flatware, and loose diamonds and gemstones are all worth money here.

Along with providing a great experience when you sell your unwanted jewelry for great prices, we offer other services, too! Visit us if you'd like to take out a loan on antique estate jewelry or other items of value. We also sell a variety of period jewelry and original pieces for less than their current market value, so you can buy jewelry from us for a lower price, too!

Get Paid More When You Sell Jewelry in Virginia Beach

Whether you're selling a wedding ring, gemstone jewelry, or anything else, you're probably particularly curious about your jewelry's value. How much we can pay for your unwanted fine jewelry varies. Feel assured that we have years of extensive knowledge when it comes to valuing preowned jewelry, and we'll take the utmost care when handling and determining the value of your valuable estate jewelry.

Plus, not only will you get the best value for your jewelry when you sell to us, but you'll get paid faster, too! There's no long wait to get paid like there can be when you consign a piece of jewelry at jewelry stores or attempt to sell online. We'll value your piece of jewelry in minutes, and as soon as you accept our offer, you'll be paid in cash.

Hilltop Pawn is your local jeweler and pawnbroker. Skip the online marketplace or consignment shops, and get the most value for modern jewelry, antique jewelry, and everything in-between. We've been in the jewelry industry in Hampton Roads for a long time, and we'll make you a competitive offer based on the fair market value of all of your unwanted high-end jewelry!

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