Even the best jewelry can need repair sometimes. For example, your beautiful engagement ring might be missing a stone, which can instantly cause its value to go down and can make it lose its special look. Even if your ring isn’t missing a stone, it might not fit properly, or you could be concerned that one of your prongs is damaged and is putting your diamond at risk of being lost.


Other types of jewelry can need repair as well. Even well-made necklaces and bracelets can begin to wear out over time, and they might need a new clasp. Your jewelry might be too small or too big, and it may need to be resized so that it will fit you properly. You could just be hoping to have your jewelry professionally cleaned so that it can get its sparkle and shine back.


Here at Hilltop Pawn Shop, we can help you with all of these things and more. Our on-site jewelry repair professional is highly experienced in working with and repairing all types of jewelry and can make your jewelry look its best again. We also work fast, so you may be able to have your piece repaired the same day, depending on what time you bring it in and what needs to be done. Our jewelry repair prices are also very reasonable, so there’s no reason to pay too much at a traditional jewelry store.​

Jewelry Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

If you have jewelry that is in need of repair, we can help. Bring your piece in to Hilltop Pawn Shop so that we can take a look. In no time, your piece will be fully repaired and back in your hands.