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Craftsman Tools The Craftsman tools were first designed to accommodate farmers and were made out of cast iron and not hardened. They were ugly and would lose their shape fairly easy, but the design was perfect to fit a farmer’s budget. Arthur Barrows moved to be the West Coast Manger for Sears and hired Tim Dunlap to fulfill his position. At that time, America was starting to move into the automobile age and Dunlap saw the need to create tools designed to accommodate auto mechanics. He upgraded the quality of the Craftsman tools and added chrome plating to help improve the appearance of the tools as well as make it easier for mechanics to clean them.

The first Craftsman power tools were featured in the 1929 Sears catalog. These power tools were recognized in 1938 for helping to build the largest adobe building which was the Rocky Mountain offices of the U.S. Forestry Service. After this, the Chief Forestry Engineer declared Craftsman tools as a permanent part of the Service’s shop equipment.

If you happen to be in the southern side of Virginia Beach please visit us at Oceana Pawn Gun Bow Bait and Tackle Shop at Dam Neck and General Booth. If you are located in Chesapeake Virginia please stop in to our sister store Greenbrier Pawn Shop next to the mall in Greenbrier or if you’re in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake see us at Chesapeake Pawn Gun Bow Bait and Tackle Shop.

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