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Yamaha Flutes and Piccolos | Hilltop Pawn Shop in VA Beach Virginia

Yamaha Flutes and PiccolosVisit Hilltop Pawn for collateralized loans on Yamaha flutes and piccolos. You can find us at 1707 Laskin Rd in Virginia Beach, VA.

Yamaha Corporation was initially founded in 1887. At first the company made pianos and reed organs. In1965 the company joined forces with Japanese wind instrument manufacturer Nippon Kangakki and began producing wind instruments. Yamaha makes flutes and piccolos for seasoned musical professionals and beginning band students. Professional level flutes come in hand made sterling silver and 14k gold materials, while student flutes are made of long wearing nickel silver. Yamaha piccolos are available in ABS plastic, or seasoned granadilla wood.

If you are in the Oceana area of Virginia Beach please visit us at Oceana Pawn Gun Bait and Tackle at 1630 General Booth Blvd Virginia Beach, VA. In Chesapeake you can find us at Greenbrier Pawn at 1011 Eden Way North across from the Greenbrier Mall or in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun 3330 South Military Hwy Chesapeake, VA.

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