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Conn-Selmer Trombones and Frenchhorns | Hilltop Pawn Shop in VA Beach Virginia

Conn-Selmer Trombones and Frenchhorns Hilltop Pawn offers collateralized loans on Conn-Selmer trombones and French horns. A collateral loan differs from a payday loan because your collateral is your credit and as such this loan cannot affect your credit as a payday loan can. Please find us at 1707 Laskin Rd in Virginia Beach, VA.

Conn-Selmer currently produces trombones under the King and Vincent Bach brands and French horns under the CG Conn and Holton brands. The French horn was based on early hunting horns. The name French horn is somewhat his inaccurate as credit for the most significant developments to the horn is usually credited to Anton Hampel of Dresden, Heinrich Stozel ,who patented a piston valve design, and Friedrich Bluhmel. In English speaking countries the name French horn is used while in many countries the instrument is simply referred to as the horn. The name of the trombone is derived from the Italian word tromba, which means trumpet- the instrument from which the trombone was derived Before the15th century the instrument was often referred to as the sackbut.

In the Oceana area of Virginia Beach visit us at Oceana Pawn Gun Bait and Tackle at 1630 General Booth Blvd Virginia Beach, VA. In Chesapeake you can find us at Greenbrier Pawn at 1011 Eden Way North across from the Greenbrier Mall or at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun 3330 South Military Hwy Chesapeake, VA in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake.

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