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Sterling Silver Jewelry Store

Finding the right sterling silver jewelry store to shop for sterling silver jewelry is easier said than done. Sure, sterling silver can seem to take the backseat to gold, but sterling silver is still in high demand for a few reasons.

From bracelets to brooches to pins to rings and more, sterling silver looks good on any style of jewelry. It’s shiny, it’s durable, and it’s universal. Aside from that, it’s much more affordable.

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How A Sterling Silver Jewelry Store Can Help You

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So you’re looking for a sterling silver jewelry store in Virginia Beach that offers a large variety of pieces? Look no further. Hilltop understands the benefits of sterling silver jewelry and is ready to discuss those benefits with you.

First off, sterling silver jewelry is made up of a combination of silver and copper that makes it much less susceptible to rust and other damages than pure silver. With regular, pure silver jewelry, it can tarnish simply by being in the open air for a few years. With the mixture (92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper), your jewelry will last much longer—especially with proper care and treatment.

The staff at our sterling silver jewelry store is well-rounded and ready to assist you. When it comes to taking care of your sterling silver, they’ll be able to offer specific advice. You can either check out some simple homemade cleaning tips online, or find inexpensive sterling silver polish to clean your jewelry with.

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