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Gold Jewelry | Hilltop Pawn Shop VA Beach Virginia

Buy and Sell Gold Jewelry In Person

With the convenience of more technology, it seems that more and more options are popping up online, prompting people to buy and sell gold jewelry via the Internet. This can seem like an intriguing option at first glance (much like a payday loan online seems appealing, but has many caveats), but lacks many of the conveniences that traditional stores that buy and sell gold jewelry.

Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach | Gold Jewelry

At Hilltop, when you come in to buy or sell gold jewelry, you get the face-to-face interaction that you value as a customer. There is no waiting online for customer service or shady terms of agreement purchases (with plenty of fine print to make sure that if anything goes wrong, you’re out of luck). We’re right here to address your concerns on the spot. When you come to sell your gold jewelry, we do it right away, on site. Online, you’d have to wait a few days for your item to reach its destination, and you are left generally out of the loop on how they came up with their value. Here, we let you know exactly what’s going on with your gold jewelry.

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Sell Gold Jewelry: Authenticating Gold Jewelry

Because we put our gold through the most rigorous gold authenticating process, you’re going to get the most money possible.In contrast, when you sell gold online or to other stores, their rates can be questionable. They may give you a very low rate; a rate comparable to pieces that aren’t actually gold. You shouldn’t have to buy and sell gold jewelry and wonder if you really got what your item was worth. Nor should you have to peruse through several stores until you finally find one that you think is most fair to you.

Buy Gold Jewelry

When you buy gold jewelry at Hilltop, you should be happy to know that everything on the floor has been tested and is properly priced based on the evidence of our tests and what the item is worth. You’ll find so many different styles of gold jewelry that the hardest part of your trip will be picking something out.

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