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Buy and Sell Jewelry | Hilltop Pawn Shop in VA Beach Virginia

Buy and Sell Gold & Silver Jewelry In Virginia Beach

Hilltop is happy to be one of the best places to buy and sell gold jewelry in Virginia Beach. There are plenty of other pawn shops and jewelry stores that will claim to offer similar services, however, Hilltop stands apart from the rest because we specialize in gold jewelry. One visit to our store and you’ll see exactly why so many people choose our shop to and sell gold jewelry.

Although we are one of the top places to buy and sell gold jewelry, there are still so many other styles of jewelry that you can buy and sell here. This includes silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, and white gold. If you come to buy or sell gold jewelry that is damaged, it’s also not a problem; leave it up to us to take care of that.

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Appraising Your Jewelry

When you come to us to sell your jewelry, we give the fairest valuation on your products. We take several things into account: its current value in the market, the demand for the product, the condition and, of course, its worth. We let you know exactly what we are doing with your item and how we are testing it. We want everything that appears on the floor to be worthy of our customers.

Customer Service

We have several store locations throughout the Virginia area and have been at it for a while now, servicing so many customers from so many walks of life. We knew this line of work would be tough, but after nearly two decades of service, our pawn shops say a lot more than you’d think and stand as a testament to the amazing services that we offer. Whether you come into our gold shop with a gold coin or a gold ring, we offer very competitive prices. Because this has been a part of our model for so long, we continue to see new people coming through our doors at a time where more people than ever are turning to pawn shops to buy and sell gold jewelry, and many other different types of jewelry.

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