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Loose Diamonds | Hilltop Pawn Shop in VA Beach Virginia

Loose diamonds can be a huge problem if you don’t know what to do with them. Assuming that you haven’t lost the loose diamond, you can easily and seamlessly come into Hilltop to get your loose diamond remounted. Or on-site jeweler makes coming to Hilltop extremely convenient, because he’s always available to help with any repairs you need.

Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach | Loose Diamonds

Sometimes, even if you have the loose diamond, you can decide to sell it. Hilltop will gladly buy loose diamonds. Come in with your loose diamond, and we’ll do the best we can for you. Our appraisal process is fair and industry-standard, but we always try to go above and beyond what is expected, so that we can give the customer exactly what he or she wants, and ultimately, encourage you to return for other services in the future.

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Jewelry Stores in Virginia Beach VA with Diamonds | Hilltop Pawn Shop

If it happens that you’ve lost your loose diamond, we sell loose diamonds as well. Come in and take a look at the loose diamonds that we offer. You actually might enjoy the process of buying lose diamonds, as it actually gives you more creative control over your jewelry. Also, when you buy loose diamonds, you can more easily note any imperfections.

Most loose diamonds are usually attributed to rings, but either way, we can help you with what you need. To set a loose diamond, we’ll use a combination of handy tools, such as lighting drills and heat. If you would like to buy loose diamonds from Hilltop and have questions about the setting process, let us know and we would be happy to walk you through it. It takes a steady hand and true attention to detail, but we make sure the right professionals are taking care of your items.

We understand that loosing diamonds, or even looking for the perfect loose diamond to mount, can be very frustrating. That’s why we’re here to help.

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