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Rose Gold Engagement Rings | Virginia Beach

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At Hilltop Pawn, we keep ourselves informed with popular jewelry trends, but we are also able to tell by what our customers are asking for at local pawn shops. Rose gold engagement rings and black diamond engagement rings are making their way back to the category of trendy jewelry, and these items are being sold almost as quickly as we get them in! Some even say the release of the new 'Rose Gold' iphone has sparked the return of this trending jewelry. 

Rose Gold Engagement Rings Virginia BeachRose Gold Engagement Rings | Virginia Beach Pawn Shops

What is Rose Gold? 

With rose gold jewelry and engagement rings rising in popularity, many of our customers come in wanting to know more about it. Below are the answers to some of our freqeuntly asked questions in regards to this unique looking metal. 


 Rose Gold Jewelry | Pawn Shop Virginia Beach

Is rose gold real gold?

It does, in fact, contain 'Real Gold', or 'yellow gold', but is not a naturally occurring precious metal, itself. 

'What is rose gold made of?'

It is made partly with pure 24 karat gold (as described above). Though this is the case, pure gold only occurs naturally in one color. This is the shiny yellow that we all know so well, seen in coins, jewelry, and bars. Rose and green gold are alloys, meaning that that they are made from the combination of more two or more elements. Rose gold, is a combination of  copper, gold, and silver. Rose gold is sometimes referred to as red gold or pink gold, but, technically, they all have different amounts of gold, copper, and silver. 

For more information on the Rose gold, or other popular jewelry questions, please contact your friendly local pawn shop, Hilltop Pawn. (757)769-7254