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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings in Virginia Beach VA

Here at Hilltop Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach we see lots of engagement rings pass through. they come in every size and shape including Cushion Cut engagement Rings. The Cushion Cut diamond has been around for many years. We see them come through in antique and vintage engagement rings regularly. In the last few years the Halo style has become very popular and we often see the cushion cut in a halo style ring. Regardless of the style ring it's in the diamond sparkels and puts off great fire. To find Hilltop Pawn just goolge Pawn Shops Near Me or stop in and see for yourself what a great shopping experience really is like.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings in Virginia Beach VA

Wedding Rings from Pawn Shops in Virginia Beach

Next time your out looking for wedding rings you should do yourself a favor and visit your local pawn shops in Virginia Beach. Shops like Hilltop Pawn that specialize in jewelry will have the cushion cut wedding ring your looking for. The cusion shape is quite beautiful, It also has 58 or so facets (brilliant - style) on the pavilion. This shape will look similar to the shape of a puffy cushion on your sofa or your pillow. that is one reason it looks so nice in most style rings.

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Cushion Cut Wedding Rings | Pawn Shops in Virginia Beach

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