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Black Diamonds | Popular Jewelry at Hilltop Pawn Shop

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Hilltop Pawn Shop is in a prominent and active hub of Virginia Beach, so our store is always buying and selling the most trendy and popular jewelry. Much like rose gold, the trend of black diamond engagement rings is making a come back, and they are certainly catching our eye! This popular jewelry style, has yet again become a popular, yet unique, choice of engagement ring style.  Black diamonds began as a jewelry trend in 1996 by a Jeweler from Switzerland, and a black diamond engagement ring has even made a debut on the popular television show 'Sex and the City,' by the main character, and fashion icon, Carrie Bradshaw. Once again, our customers are clamoring for this trendy jewelry, but we are often asked about the legitimacy of black diamonds.


Black and White Diamond Ring

What is a Black Diamond?

There are many questions we get about black diamonds, inlcuding 'Is a black diamond a real diamond?' or 'How are black diamonds made?' To begin to answer, there are actually two different types of black diamond: The first type is the natural black diamond. Black is their naturally occuring color, but they are more difficult to come across, and about 100 times more expensive than the black diamonds that are treated (description to follow shortly). The natural diamonds are predominantly found in Brazil and the Southern portion of Africa, in deposits that are created by running water and sediment, called alluvial deposits. The more commonly seen black diamond is man-made one of two ways. The first is a series of heating treatments and the second is method called irradiation, in which a white diamond is color treated. The processed black diamonds are generally made from a lower grade white diamond, because regardless of the stunning result, the stone's clarity is not not of great importance after being treated. This is also plays a role as why the larger white diamonds, generally, are significantly more expensive. 



How are Black Diamonds Made? | Video

The wonderful staff of Hilltop Pawn would love to help you to buy, sell, or pawn your black and white diamonds and diamond jewelry. Looking for an engagement ring that is as special as the one you love? If you don't see what you like at our store, and we don't have what you need at our sister stores, we also have a professional jeweler that can custom make a ring to your specifications. Please stop by, or call us at (757)769-7254.